São Paulo: South America’s MEGACITY

The dramatic cliffs and endless beaches of Rio de Janeiro makes it the city that probably first comes to mind when you think of Brazil. São Paulo, the largest metropolis in the southern hemisphere, is the true economic engine of the world’s sixth most populous country. In 1554, Catholic missionaries with the help of indigenous […]

Chiara Truppi – Researcher from Italy

I got a scholarship from the FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia and I’m doing research here, in linguistics and southern Portuguese Creole Language of Guinea Bissau and I really like the environment of the center for Linguistics of the University of Lisbon and I always thought I would like to do […]

EVS Portugal Trip 13

After 3 hours traveling we arrived in Fátima. This is the place where thousands of people saw the Virgin Mary in the same time. Ready? Okay. Everything started 94 years ago, here in this holy place. Where the 3 kids met with her. “Lord, Jesus Christ’s grace, God’s love and Holy Spirit be with the […]

Portugal Trip EVS 6

So today we going to teach the kids, how they can use the canoe. On the another hand we will give swimming lessons to the operator, Ilhan. -How are you? -Everything is good. On the river we use the canoe with 15 kids… we will see. I think he spoke in spanish… All Thursday. And […]

Funky Minds – an EVS Movie

Oh! Do this melody. And this is voluntary life in Portugal. Stretch those shoulders. You pimp! That’s what they do. It’s all about the oil. Oil, testosterone, and small balls. That’s all they have. Yes, because of the steroids, your balls… I didn’t know that. Yeah So, let’s steal a boat. Really we can steal […]

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