Educator Stephanie Johnson's Story

for more than a decade horse man has sponsored the NEA Foundation awards for teaching excellence because we know how important and deserving it is to shine a light on outstanding teachers who make a difference in their students lives and who continue to elevate the role so please join me in congratulating and honoring […]

James Baldwin on Education

you'd like she like to mr. Vaman to comment on public education in in America especially with respect to Black's press with respect to blacks and especially why on this university is the black and Rome with very low I I don't know if he can really respond to that or not but just go […]

Toxic culture of education: Joshua Katz at TEDxUniversityofAkron

المترجم: Amany Allamالمدقّق: Nada Qanbar جميع الناس عباقرة، ولكن إذا حكمت على سمكة من خلال قدرتها على تسلق شجرة، فإنها ستعيش طوال حياتهامعتقدة أنها غبية. يومًا ما كنت مع طالبة اسمها (ناتالي) أحاول مساعدتها لحل معادلة. كان عليها إيجاد ناتج ضرب 9×2 ولكنها لم تستطع. كثيرًا ما يحدث هذا، وأنا معتاد على ذلك، ولكنني قررت […]

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