hey guys I'm doing another 360 video this time I'm in Tahoe with Dottie and Kevin and Dave and we are walking along the edge of lily Lake and the forest it's pretty epic have a look around to the trees I'm pretty out of breath cuz we were quite high altitude what am how […]

Lincoln does some gardening

has been gardening and Lincoln is like with me is a lot of energy I know I can't believe like it was like a jungle I've been on the front of my grandparents and then I come back got rid of everything Lincoln's like I'm also gonna help you garden hashtag Lincoln the gardener oh […]

Ford's Immersive Vehicle Environment

we're here in the virtual space of the product Development Center in Dearborn Michigan here in the virtual lab we assess high-definition renderings of the vehicle to overall improve quality and appeal of the vehicle in this space is a full-sized virtual vehicle that we can evaluate for many different aspects of engineering and design […]

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