Why Norway is full of Teslas

There are Teslas everywhere in this city. Up until today I’d seen a total of about five Teslas my entire life. And three of those five were behind glass cases in luxury malls. I’ve been in Oslo for like a couple of hours and I’ve seen like 50 Teslas. There’s one right there. They’re beautiful, […]

Clean Energy Technology Innovators (CanmetENERGY-Varennes)

WE are the Canmet labs: Canada’s clean technology innovators. For over a century, Natural Resources Canada’s research laboratories have provided global leadership in energy, materials and green mining clean technology research, development and innovation. With over 500 world-class research scientists and engineers on 7 campuses, Canmet’s multi-disciplinary project teams have the skills and experience to […]

Could Poop Power Our Cars?

(Could poop power our cars?) DAVID WERNICK: There’s a lot of protein waste that we produce right now as a society that are not really used. In 2008, it was estimated that there’s about 1 billion tons of manure. That is a lot of manure that is not fully utilized. A good portion of that […]

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