Researchers Night 2014 in Sofia, Bulgaria – Европейската Нощ на учените 2014 в София, България

What is scientific knowledge? What are scientists doing? How does science influence our live? Diving into the world of science European Researchers’ Night Sofia 2014 The science stared for all of us at the university But then it turned into something much bigger For me, ‘science’ means eternal curiosity Everybody should keep their children’s curiosity […]

Researcher Minute with Beth Karlan

Early in my career, a young woman not much older than myself asked: What right did I have to be healthy and able to pursue my dreams when she was in bed, fighting ovarian cancer? And it was a question I did not take lightly. I’m Beth Karlan I’m a gynecologic oncologist at UCLA’s Jonsson […]

The GGP : : A Social Science Research Infrastructure

The Generations & Gender Programme is an international research infrastructure for high-quality and open source data. We monitor life and family dynamics within society at the individual level. Family life has always been a reflection of societal changes. Our life courses differ greatly from those of previous generations. Young adults have many more options nowadays, […]

To Protect and Preserve

The Great Lakes contain 90% of the United States surface fresh water over half of that water is contained in Lake Superior alone the Ivor 3 is an autonomous underwater vehicle that we use to collect data about the biological geological and physical processes taking place below the surface the Ivor 3 can go on […]

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