Forestry at Oregon State University

Having this forest adjacent to the university is a huge advantage. I don’t have to be behind a desk all the time. I can come out, take some data out in the field and go back in the office and crunch that data. My name’s Justin Thomas, I’m a Forest Engineering, Civil Engineering in the […]

Visions – Fire and wildlife

Bushfire has always been an integral part of the Australian landscape, with many plant and animal species relying on fire for survival. A planned burn near Lorne in Victoria, provided a unique opportunity to study the relationship between bushfire, landscape, plants and animals, both before and after fire activity. The results will help inform habitat […]

NAU Centennial Forest

as a forestry student flagstaff is a great location to be northern arizona university i think is just one of the most gorgeous areas in the southwest the forests we have here the peaks and having the centennial forest so near by just lets us as forestry students go out and have class out there […]

Our mysterious ocean floor

NOWADAYS we know a huge amount about our precious planet and what it consists of. But what we don’t always consider is that a vast 70% of the Earth’s surface is under the sea. And only 15% of this has been mapped in detail. There’s an entire world underwater that we know very little about. […]

NOAA’s National Ocean Service

We as humans are inextricably connected to our ocean. It is our planet’s lifeblood. Many may not think much of our ocean, but it’s with us every day. It provides our food and the oxygen we breathe. It regulates our climate and shapes our coastline. It holds countless secrets that are yet to be uncovered. […]

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