Join Jennie. Become A Medical Researcher!

My name is Jennie Leiken and we are in the NCI building which is the National Cancer Institute. Currently I’m working in the Laboratory for Human Carcinogens with Dr. Brid Ryan. My project entails looking at two different types of lung cancer. Adeno and squamous cell carcinoma. I am from Boston. My parents are both […]

Coastal Now – Shark Model Flow Tank Test

The movement of the model sharks was quite accurate. We were definitely very close. Students doing research at Coastal Carolina University, worked this summer to create models of a Lemon shark and a Mako shark. They then tested those in the flow tank at the Environmental Fluids Lab on campus. The construction and testing went […]

Meet the Doctoral Researcher – ICT

Hi I’m Russell. I’m a Ph.D. student with the Department of Micro and Nanoelectronics at the University of Malta. The main aim of my research is to develop novel designs for scanning micromirrors. These micromirrors intend to deflect light at a very high frequency in order to project images or video using your smartphone. Through […]

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