Using CQ Researcher

If you are researching a controversial issue, the library database, CQ Researcher, can be particularly useful. Each week, CQ Researcher publishes a report on a current issue. Reports run about 24 pages and follow the same structure. Highlights include an Overview, the Current Situation, a Pro/Con section where you can see opposing points of view, […]

2017 Health Researcher of the Year

Health is an integral part of everybody’s lives. We actually can’t enjoy life to the fullest if we don’t have our health. Health impacts our quality of life, our mental stability, not just our physical health and wellness. I’m Mary Jung, Assistant Professor in the School of Health and Exercise Sciences in the Faculty of […]

2017 Graduate Researcher of the Year

Logan’s really special in terms of his productivity, he’s such a hard worker. The work he has produced here is really quite exceptional in terms it’s quality and also it’s importance. The other thing that really impresses me about Logan is his deep commitment to social justice, human rights, food security issues and poverty alleviation […]

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