Forest Fire Research (Science At Work)

Every year, thousands of people across the country are evacuated from their homes because of forest fires burning nearby. These fires can pose a serious threat to people living in nearby communities. But what can we do about it? This is “Science at Work”, where we showcase the work of the scientists and engineers at […]

Why Poor Places Are More Diverse

A soccer-field sized patch of forest in frigid Alaska has about 40 different species of plants, compared with about 70 in temperate England and 300 in the Amazonian rain forest. These biodiversity differences hold true for entire countries, too: England has 1500 plant species, while tropical Guyana. The super-diversity of tropical rainforests is only equalled […]

Funding Misery: Argentinians vs. the IMF

This government does not defend human rights.  With the IMF here, there is a form of foreign intervention in economic decisions. Macri you’re trash, you are the dictatorship! U.S. imperialism today is more aggressive than ever.  We have to be strong to carry on. We hope that Macri leaves.  We can’t survive another four years of this government. […]

Seed Dormancy

Spring is just about to get started and with it all kinds of new plant life. Once the soil temperatures have warmed up seeds in the soil will germinate and end their dormancy. Seed dormancy is a mechanism to prevent germination during unsuitable ecological conditions. One important function of this is to allow time for […]

Investing in Rural America

>>My name is Heather Rank. [assumed spelling] I’m the team leader for the US Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration’s Rural Team. [laughter] That’s a mouthful. We’re here to talk today about investing in rural America. Rural America has a lot to offer. It’s different than rural parts of other countries, and a lot of […]

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