كيف حالك . سيداتي وسادتي ؟ الفتيان والفتيات والمعلمون ؟ عملنا الخاص اليوم , سيكون عن موضوع " الموجات والصوت " لكي تصنع صوت , شيء يحب ان يهتز ولكنها لن تبدأ بالإهتزاز من تلقاء نفسها اولا يجب أن تضربها ! هل أنت منصت ؟ طبيعة الصوت انها نمط من الأهتزازات طبيعة الوقت يتحرك عبر […]

ANNOYING PEOPLE | Reddit Stories 4

• From joking about everything to chewingon shirts, the Planet Dolan crew re-enact some of the best true stories from our subredditabout our most annoying habits that drive everyone nuts. I’m Doopie and today I’llbe your narrator. Number 10 was submitted by AmIInAPlanetDolanVidDanger Dolan Dolan likes to itch his butt. Back in theday, Dolan shared […]

Learn Grade 2 – EVS – Natural Resources

chapter 15 Natural Resources we use many things in our daily lives some of them are natural while the others are man-made all those things that we get from nature are called natural resources the things that are made by man are called man-made resources land a water plants and animals give man different kinds […]

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