Using Ice Picks for Self Rescue

Many people drown because they can’t pull themselves out of the water. The weight of water-soaked clothing combined with the slippery surface of the ice makes escape extremely difficult. Carry a couple of long nails, or homemade ice picks in your pocket to help escape from the ice hole. How should you react if you […]

Tributaries Study – The Nonquon

The Nonquon River is by far the most well known tributary of Lake Scugog. The Nonquon River originates on the Oak Ridges Moraine and flows in a northerly direction to the west of Lake Scugog and ultimately drains into the western shore near the village of Seagrave. The largest tributary is the Layton River. And […]

NASA | Best of “Earth As Art” — Top Five

[music] A series of Landsat satellites have surveyed the Earth’s surface since 1972. In that time, Landsat data have become a vital reference worldwide, used for understanding scientific issues related to land use and natural resources. However, some Landsat images are simply striking to look at, presenting spectacular views of mountains and valleys, forests and […]

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