ICO Recruit Training | Indiana DNR

We train our Officers to understand the CORE Values of being a strong Public Servant. Through hard work, discipline, decision making, compliance, desire and endurance, our recruits become centered on the understanding of the Indiana Conservation Officer’s motto….INTEGRITY ALWAYS. This training is designed to reveal weaknesses and work on those weaknesses to form them into […]

Photosynthesis | #aumsum

Photosynthesis. Do you know how plants make their own food? Plants prepare their own food by a process called photosynthesis. Photo is the Greek word for light and synthesis is the Greek word for putting together. Plants need sunlight, carbon dioxide from air and water from soil to prepare their own food. Photosynthesis takes place […]

2012 Monitoring the Future – Teen Perspective

[Intro Music] [Ambient sound] [Danielle Rollins, Edison high School, 11th Grade] Today I leaned about drug prevention… and how drugs have, um, declined in the past few years in high school students and that’s a really good thing. [Ambient sound] [Patrick Healy, Gonzaga High School, 12th Grade] Today I learned that although marijuana has leveled […]

Farm Monitor – September 7, 2019

[Announcer] This is Farm Monitor. For over 50-years, your source for agribusiness news and features from around the southeast and across the country, focusing on one of the nation‚Äôs top industries, Agriculture. The Farm Monitor is produced by one of the largest general farm organizations, the Georgia Farm Bureau. Now, here are your hosts, Ray […]

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