Why is the ocean blue? | #aumsum

Why is the ocean blue? Because ocean water reflects blue color of the sky. You are right, but not completely. The main reason for oceans to be blue is the way water molecules absorb and scatter the colors of sunlight. Sunlight has seven visible colors. They are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. […]

DLE — Rainforest Distance Learning

*MUSIC* When you’re studying the rainforests of Central America, and they’re about 2,000 miles away from Southeastern Wisconsin, what are Delavan-Darien students and teachers going to do? Bring the rainforest and its wildlife into the classroom… virtually, of course! Delavan-Darien second grade Dual Language Program teacher Helen Guerrero did just that by having a virtual […]

What Happens After An Oil Spill?

Hey there! Welcome to Life Noggin. The world uses nearly countless amounts of oil every year in one form or another. The United States alone has been consuming a total of over 7 billion barrels of petroleum products a year, or around 20 million barrels a day in recent times. This reliance on fossil fuels […]

Rainforest Rap

The amazon rainforest is in a critical state We have to fix it now or tomorrow will be too late The amazon alone represents half of all rain forests So conservation isn’t only beneficial for us 10% of all species reside only here We are destroying their home with over .5% a year This toad […]

UM Wildlife Biology Program: Dr. Dick Hutto

I’m Dick Hutto, professor in biology and wildlife biology. I’ve been at the University for about 35 years, taught ornithology, ecology, field ecology. My research in the past involved the ecology of migratory songbirds that breed here in Montana and winter south in Mexico, trying to figure out the effect of tropical deforestation on migratory […]

Experience the Wake Forest Law LLM Program

Dick Schneider: We started our LLM program with the ambition of bringing foreign law students and legal professionals to our law school in order to enrich their understanding of American law but also to create diversity in our own law school classes. Our LLM students have greater opportunities to mingle with the JD students, have […]

2019 Naaman Forest Collegiate Promo Video

We want to tell you about the great things happening at Naaman Forest High School. I’m Macy Davis and I’m Trey Evans. GarlandISD has been creating new High School Programs to give students more opportunities. Next year all seven High Schools will have a P-Tech which stands for Path ways in Technology Early College High […]

Seaver Stories | The Rainforest

(piano music) (upbeat drum music) – So, I’m Lee Kats, I’m a biologist at Pepperdine. We’re on our way to La Selva Biological Station, a lowland Caribbean based research station. Where the group of students and biologists are gonna study poison dart frogs. – We’re all researchers based in California. And so, what we’re coming […]

EdTechLens: Rainforest Journey Introduction

EdTechLens e-learning programs are designed to meet teacher and student needs to comply with standards and achieve on tests. At the same time, our programs foster the natural curiosity that engages students and drives real learning. Our first program presents the kindergarten to fifth-grade life sciences curriculum through the lens of a Rainforest Journey. Our […]

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