CARTA: The Role of Hunting in Anthropogeny: David Watts – Social Explanations for Chimpanzee Hunting

(mouse clicking) (computer beeping) (gentle piano music) – [Narrator] We are the paradoxical ape. Bipedal, naked, large brained, alone the master of fire, tools and language. But still trying to understand ourselves. Aware that death is inevitable, yet filled with optimism. We grow up slowly, we hand down knowledge. We empathize and deceive. We shape […]

Learning About Acid Rain

[Judy Pino] Hello, and welcome to Green Scene, EPA’s series of environmental podcasts that you can take with you. I’m Judy Pino. Acid rains is one of the most requested topics here at EPA from school systems and teachers, and today, we are coming to you from the Koshland Science Museum in Washington D.C., one […]

MedUni Wien – Researcher of the Month | Februar 2018: Dr. Georg Greiner

Mein Name ist Georg Greiner. Ich bin am Klinischen Institut für Labormedizin beschäftigt. Neben der Klinik, hab ich meinen PhD an der Medizinischen Universität Wien absolviert. Unter der Supervision von Professor Gregor Hörmann. Mein Forschungsgebiet aber auch mein Fokus in der Klinik liegt im hämato-onkologischen Bereich. Zytokine sind wichtige Botenstoffe des Körpers. Manche Krebstypen missbrauchen […]

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