How Does A Seed Become A Plant?

Oh Hey guys, squeaks and I are checking out our plant and they look great! It’s almost hard to believe that these beautiful flowers and plants came from the teeny tiny seeds we put in the pots just a few weeks ago. you might be familiar with a little pack of the seeds that you […]

Kew Gardens – History of the Palm House

the Palm House the icon of cue built between 1844 and 1848 by Richard Turner to Decimus Burton's designs the palm houses cues most recognizable building hadn't gained iconic status as the world's most important surviving Victorian glass and iron structure it was created for the display of tropical plants especially those of economic importance […]

Butterfly Garden

and makes me sad that the population of butterflies is decreasing industrial and housing developments pollution and pesticides are taking away their habitats the good news is we can create butterfly habitats in our own backyards I'd like to show you some plants that I like to have for my butterfly garden if you're going […]

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