Soil: not another climate horror story

The only thing that stands between us and extinction is six inches of soil and the fact that it rains. That’s Anna Krywoszynska, she’s a Faculty Research Fellow at the University of Sheffield and what she’s saying there blows my mind, that most of the processes that maintain all life on this planet exist in […]

BELL PEPPER | How Does it Grow?

Here’s a tale of two peppers: the green one costs half the price of the red, but here’s the thing: they’re the same peppers – seriously! So why are you paying double for red? To answer that, we have to answer this: Pepper – How Does It Grow? Now, all peppers start out green – […]


So Greg, we’re going to keep talking about biology today in another video but I want to really focus on soil and where all that biology lives around the root structure. There’s a lot of different soils out there in the world and a lot of different properties that they can have depending on where […]

Avoid Spreading Phytophthora Fruit Rot in Soil

Phytophthora capcisi spreads through water and soil to cause fruit rot. In soil, the pathogen produces overwintering spores that can survive over ten years. To avoid spreading spores plant into well-drained fields with no history of disease. Plastic and drip irrigation limit water splash and fruit contact with soil. Avoid moving soil from infested to […]

The Science of Soil: Choosing a Career

-[Joel Brown] If you have a degree in soil science, virtually anything that you see yourself doing as a career is available to you. There are more traditional things like forestry, agronomy, working with farmers, working with new crop varieties, those sorts of things are always available. But in the past twenty years, the real […]

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