Climate Detectives – Final event

hello welcome to the final online event of the climate detectives school project 2018-2019. I'm Alana Bartolini from the ESA education office and with me is ESA scientist Anne Gret Straume. Shortly we will hear more about her work and how she joined ESA. We are here at the European Space Research and Technology Center […]

Planet Mercury

you with a thin crust of rocks surrounding a dense encore there's more to mercury than the first appears temperatures on the heavily cratered surface range from around 450 degrees Celsius down to minus 180 and there are signs of past volcanic activity mercury has been visited twice first in 1974 by NASA's Mariner 10 […]

European Researchers' Night 2018

[Musica] [Risate] [Musica] [Musica] si no già [Musica] come si servono 45 a milano la [Musica] [Musica] [Musica] e ti piacerebbe diventare un astronauta non lo so possibilmente no [Musica] [Musica] amici una volta partiti bisogna fare tutto il viaggio quindi non basterà soltanto avere una base marziana che costruiremo nello stesso modo basta questa […]

ESA and climate change

All over Europe climate change is a growing concern With global sea level rising between 16 and 20 centimeters since 1900 climate change is undeniably, having an effect on oceans, land surfaces, ice caps and weather patterns across the globe. It is well understood that climate change is caused by atmospheric gases such as carbon […]

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