Wildlife Conservation Biology Project

At this moment, we are experiencing the worst species loss since the extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago. And this current crisis is mainly caused by us- humans. Globally, one third of all known species are threatened with extinction. There are currently 41,415 threatened species, including 15,306 endangered species threatened to go extinct. So […]

When Rhinos Attack

Number 6 Chantal Beyer Chantal Beyer, a student from Johannesburg, was left clinging to life in what was one of the most gruesome rhino attacks in recent years. The woman and her boyfriend were at a South African animal park which advertised on its website that visitors could see rhinos at close range. Once they […]

Jungle Atop A Desert

I am marking what the landscape looks like at this trail point and… just to double check… T4, zero meters. T… B… C… I would call this terra firme. – Terra firme? What does that mean? – It’s just a term used in Amazonia for slightly higher ground. TF is my initials for terra firme. […]

How to Cut a Trail in Amazonia

– This is the trail into camp. This is el comedor, the dining area. This is Nigel’s tent. This is the biologist work station. This is the helipad. This is where we wash our clothes. This is our bathing area. There’s an electric eel in there. – Iquitos, Iquitos, campamento Iquitos. ?? – The camp […]

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