Stanford researchers create algorithm to interpret chest x-rays

[MUSIC PLAYING] Stanford University. There's a globalshortage of radiologists. According to the WorldHealth Organization, 2/3 of the planet's population,over 4 billion people, have insufficient accessto radiology services. AI can help that. We developed adeep-learning algorithm, which we call CheXNet, tointerpret chest X-ray images. That can take, as input,any chest X-ray image and tell you, inthis […]

Stanford researchers develop algorithm to diagnose heart arrhythmias

Stanford University. We've exceeded the cardiologistsat detecting abnormalities in heart rhythms. We use deep learning arrhythmiadetection using ECG signals. The models we'reusing are inspired by models that have workedreally, really well on image classification, for example. We have a recording from a heartmonitor, an electrocardiogram, and we feed that recordingthrough a machine learning algorithm and […]

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