A Day in the Life: Stanford Student

(birds chirping) (dog barking) (upbeat music) – Hey, my name is Malaika, I just graduated from Stanford last year, and I was a psychology major. And next year, I’ll be a Master’s in environmental communication. (upbeat music) Usually, I wake up around 9 or 10 a.m. I make some breakfast in the kitchen and then […]

Cardinal Courses: Nicole Ardoin

We’re part of a larger project that’s working in Big Basin as well as a number of parks in California— so, regional parks, state parks, potentially national parks in California along the coast— to consider the impacts of shifting coastal fog patterns and how those might affect the coastal redwood forests. There are a number […]

Stanford’s Brainwave Learning Center

I think neuroscience is really fascinating, like how they’re as many synapses in your brain than in the Milky Way. And I feel like whenever I hear something about neuroscience, like I just have a lot of more questions that just pop into my brain. Brainwave Learning Center is a novel collaboration between Stanford University […]

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