Learning About Acid Rain

[Judy Pino] Hello, and welcome to Green Scene, EPA’s series of environmental podcasts that you can take with you. I’m Judy Pino. Acid rains is one of the most requested topics here at EPA from school systems and teachers, and today, we are coming to you from the Koshland Science Museum in Washington D.C., one […]

TexPREP Campers Renewable Energy Proposals

– Del Mar College and Flint Hills Resources teamed up to offer the Texas Prefreshman Engineering Program to young summer campers. These campers demonstrated teamwork by presenting business proposals for renewable energy uses. – On July 24, 2014, students enrolled in the Texas Prefreshman Engineering Program presented business proposals for renewable energy for both commercial […]

NACo 2017 – Outdoor Environmental Learning Centers

So we’re at Rachel Freeman Elementary School and here we’ve installed an Outdoor Environmental Learning Center. That’s an area where students can learn science, math, language arts, and art in an outdoor environment. Studies have proven that being outdoors improves attention problems, behavior issues, and increases and improves education overall. And so that’s the main […]

Career and Technical Education Teachers Career Video

Being a teacher doesn’t always mean working in a classroom… career and technical education teachers can also instruct students in workshops, fields and kitchens. Career and technical education teachers teach students practical subjects to prepare them for a future career in fields such as auto repair, agriculture, healthcare fields, or culinary arts. Like all teachers, […]

Students at Sea

Hi. I’m Grace Meyer. I’m Otavio Mendes. My name is Karrina Wirfs and I’m an ocean science major. I’m studying oceanography or ocean sciences. At the college of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University It’s kind of scary. Intimidating. OC 295 Introduction to Field Oceanography is an introductory course focused on giving […]

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