Living and Nonliving Things | #aumsum

Living and Nonliving Things. Lap No 1 Complete. Game Over. Things which can grow. Things which can move. Things which can breathe. Milk. Things which can reproduce. Things which can grow, move, breathe and reproduce are called living things. Milk. Living things can also feel emotions like anger, fear and happiness. Cough. Mr. Tree, 1889 […]

Meet the Researchers – Dr. Lorraine Lipscombe

My name is Lorraine Lipscombe, I’m an endocrinologist at Women’s College Hospital, a Scientist both at the Women’s College Research Institute and the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences, and I am also an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto. As a physician, I feel that it’s really important when we can help people on […]

Photosynthesis | #aumsum

Photosynthesis. Do you know how plants make their own food? Plants prepare their own food by a process called photosynthesis. Photo is the Greek word for light and synthesis is the Greek word for putting together. Plants need sunlight, carbon dioxide from air and water from soil to prepare their own food. Photosynthesis takes place […]

Greenhouse Effect | #aumsum

Greenhouse Effect. What happened? Why are you shivering? No sun rays. Before. I will go and check what happened. What happened? Now. Before. Sun. Earth. Greenhouse gases. Sun rays. The sun’s rays warm the earth. A part of the sun’s rays is absorbed by the earth. A part of the sun’s rays is reflected back […]

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