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[Music] This plastic bottle has a lifecycle. The plastic in it comes from non-renewable fossil fuels like oil and natural gas. Energy from fossil fuels also powers the factory that makes the bottles by the millions. And fossil fuels are burned to transport the bottles thousands of miles to the customer. Then you drink from […]

What If Algae Took Over the Oceans?

Would you take your next vacation on this slimy beach? Well, what if most of our beaches were starting to look like this, because our oceans were quickly being taken over by this green sludge? This isn’t nuclear waste people are swimming in, it’s algae! And if it took over all our oceans, it would […]

Help Sustain Dane in the Big Share!

🎵music playing 🎵 At Sustain Dane, we believe that sustainability is about people accelerating environmental sustainability by coming together 🎵music playing 🎵 that’s why we inspire through learning 🎵music playing 🎵 connect leaders and organizations 🎵music playing 🎵 support environmental and community wellbeing 🎵music playing 🎵 to create a better world for future generations by […]

Oahu Travel Tips: Ocean Conservation

Hawai’i is incredibly unique. It’s one of the most isolated landmasses in the middle of the Pacific. I’m extremely passionate about the ocean because the best moments of my life have been with these beautiful marine animals that I actively work to protect. And there’s a number of things that you can do to help […]

Hawaii Travel Tips: Ocean Conservation

We encourage visitors to do what we call travel pono. Travel in a way that is positive for the thousands of miles of ocean that surround us. So we have a really important job to protect this reef that’s here. I’m extremely passionate about the ocean because the best moments of my life have been […]

Our Forest – Trailer

[music plays] [Carl Sadler narrates] I was born and raised in the Ottawa Valley. I was raised on a farm. I wanted to be a farmer. I loved working in the bush with my Dad in the winter time. I found out that I’m allergic to everything on the farm – – from chickens to […]

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