The incredible (endangered) biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest | Jorge Rodrigues | TEDxUTA

Translator: Deborah Oliveira Reviewer: Denise RQ Host: Our next speaker is a Brazilian native and microbiologist with deep interests in biodiversity and ecosystem functionality of the Amazon rainforest. In order to shed light on these and other microbial ecosystems in question, he uses high-throughput genomic technologies to study microorganism environments as diverse as tropical forests […]

Child Mortailty, Family Planning & the Environment | Hans Rosling | TEDxChange

Translator: Yulia Kallistratova Reviewer: Denise RQ We’re here today because United Nations have defined goals for the progress of countries. They are called Millennium Development Goals. Look here: you have to end poverty, education, gender, child and maternal health, control infections, protect the environment, and get good global links between nations in every aspect, from […]

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