America’s First Spreading Forests

My name is Sandy Gibson, and I’m a founder of Better Place Forests. We started Better Place Forests out of our own experience, and my personal experience, with cemeteries, and the desire to create somewhere as beautiful as the memories of the people that you love. All of my favorite memories of my parents are […]

Forest Giants Represent Nature

(upbeat music) – So all these giant trolls that I’m building are a part of a bigger global story tale that I’m telling one giant troll at a time. It’s called The Great Story of the Little People and The Giant Trolls. And for me the giant trolls they represent nature, the forces of nature […]

Social & Environmental Justice

Justice is to carry a vision of a world without pain and suffering without bitterness and hatred and violence. Is a call to actually show the world how God has saved us. What grace looks like in practice. That earth is our home. Earth is a place designed and created by a loving God as […]

Oahu Travel Tips: Ocean Safety

O’ahu we have surf on all 360 degrees of the coastlines. Kai is the Hawaiian word for ocean, and it’s an acronym that we came up with. K is to know your limits, listen to you na’au (intuition). A is to ask a lifeguard or a responsible adult. And I is to identify the hazards. […]

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