America’s First Spreading Forests

My name is Sandy Gibson, and I’m a founder of Better Place Forests. We started Better Place Forests out of our own experience, and my personal experience, with cemeteries, and the desire to create somewhere as beautiful as the memories of the people that you love. All of my favorite memories of my parents are […]

Ocean Maps’ Red Sea Thistlegorm

Today we are going to explore one of the most famous wrecks : The Thistlegorm. The Thistlegorm sank in October 1941 near Ras Muhammed. In the early 50s, the famous marine explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau. Short after the descent, in a depth of about 5 meters, you can recognize the first parts of the wreck. […]

LION VS TIGER – Who is the real king?

LION VS TIGER This is probably the most legendary fight in the animal kingdom! Who is the real king? This ultimate cat fight has happened more times than you might expect. The Romans pitted African lions against Asian tigers in the Colosseum, to the rip-roaring pleasure of the Plebeians. A few fights were also staged […]

Suburban Perennial Food Forest Update

One of our goals is to grow more edible perennials in our garden. We really like the idea of growing crops that come back year after year with very little effort or expense, and we’d eventually like to grow as many perennials as we do annuals, or more. We made some progress toward this goal […]

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