Who is the Red Man? [The Forest]

Before continuing this video I want to remind everyone that there will be spoilers of the whole story ahead so please watch at your own discretion Many people have reported that they have seen a red man or red cannibal appearing in front of the yacht and vanishing without a trace as you can see […]

More Faked Wildlife Photos – CONAN on TBS

This is a weird, but true. A scandal has rocked the world of award-winning nature photography. You wouldn’t think there’d be a scandal in the world of nature photography. True story. There is a Brazilian photographer named Marcio Cabral. Took this stunning photo of an anteater approaching a glowing termite mound at night. This is […]


G’day guys how you going? Look really really excited with saving rainforests in the Daintree again, we’re purchasing back properties to save habitat for the threatened endangered southern cassowary. Really excited because for just two dollars fifty about half the price of a coffee or about coffee you can save one square meter so one […]

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