Suburban Perennial Food Forest Update

One of our goals is to grow more edible perennials in our garden. We really like the idea of growing crops that come back year after year with very little effort or expense, and we’d eventually like to grow as many perennials as we do annuals, or more. We made some progress toward this goal […]


Pretty. And this is where you say “hello” Anja.. look this way That’s you- yes Nice Here we go You’re doing great! Here’s the ocean in Hangö And it’s warm in the water And cold in the air It’s warm? Ok 4 degrees warm in the water It’s warm today, huh? It’s never warm, but […]

Adventures in Kiama

This is the sea cliff bridge One of the most beautiful Locations in NSW And this is 120 km away from Sydney Actually, this is the end of our trip So let’s begin with our story “Adventures in Kiama” This is Townhall, Sydney’s hub Here, thousands of people leave their houses to make money everyday […]

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