PECAN | How Does it Grow?

Walnuts, almonds, pistachios, cashews, peanuts…In America, we love these nuts. Okay, peanuts aren’t really nuts…but the point is, none of these are actually from here. There’s only one nut we can buy today, that’s native to this nation – it’s the pecan. Wait, what? What…it’s pecan…pecan…pecan…pecan…pecan…? (Repeated in various pronunciations.) See, America’s relationship with its […]

Advances in Precision Agriculture Expo

The alarm warning us that we’re coming to the end of the field. Precision AG is the basically the idea that we’re going to use GPS technology to do things and farming a little bit more accurately, a little bit more efficiently and be more productive. Today we’re out here highlighting different equipment sets that […]

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