2010 Winner’s Announcement

(upbeat music) We wanted to just come and recognize you, in person, for the great work that you did. And really, on behalf of the Walt Disney Company we’d like to congratulate you. (laugh) Oh my God! Can i, can I tell them? Mrs. Schnedler, students you guys are the grand prize winners of the […]

EPA: The Messy Impact of Trash in Our Waters

[xylophone music] JOHNSON: I’m Laura Johnson with the United States Environmental Protection Agency, I’m the program lead for the Trash-Free Waters Program. [waves crashing] JOHNSON: Trash and litter entering waterways continues to be a problem in the United States and around the world. Commonly held estimates suggest that approximately 80% of litter and trash in […]

2010 Winners on Disney Channel 365

Disney 3-6-5 Hey everyone, with all the info of all things Disney 365 days a year, I’m Regina. in the middle of Iowa where everyone in Mrs. Schnedler’s 6th grade class and the rest of the school. is about to find out that they just won Disney’s Planet Challenge! Mrs. Schnedler, students, you guys are […]

DPC Intro

What if our next national park was started by an elementary school? What if the fresh produce on your plate was brought to you by Mrs. Heilig’s 5th grade class? What if an idea to save our oceans comes from a twelve year old? Welcome to Disney’s Planet Challenge where today’s youth are creating a […]

How Much Plastic is in the Ocean?

[MUSIC] In January 1992, a cargo ship sailing from Hong Kong to Washington hit a storm, and twelve containers tumbled overboard, releasing a fleet of blue turtles, green frogs, red beavers, and yellow ducks. 28,800 animals, destined for bathtubs, now a lonely plastic navy, drifting in the Pacific Ocean. Then they started to float ashore. […]

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