Obama wraps up historic visit to Cuba

U.S. President Barack Obama has wrapped up his historic visit to Cuba. During his three-day stay, he met his Cuban counterpart, gave a speech to the Cuban people and took in a baseball game. Park Ji-won has more. The first sitting U.S. president to visit Cuba in 88 years made up for lost time,… packing […]

PART1: Third of Moon administration’s policy objectives on welfare, environmental and culture

Throughout this week, we delve deeper into the Moon administration’s policy blueprint. A five parter to closely examine the five main policy objectives. On this, the fourth installment of our series, we have our Park Ji-won joining us. Jiwon, let’s get right to it. The government’s welfare and environmental policies. Hello, Daniel. Thirty-two out of […]

Landfill generates new, renewable energy

The vast amount of residential waste within the Seoul metropolitan region goes into a landfill on the outskirts of Incheon. However,… the facility is not any old run-of-the-mill landfill… as it generates renewable energy. Kim Hyo-sun reports. It looks like an ordinary golf course,… but it’s also a landfill for household waste. Located in Incheon,… […]

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