twitter 102 for educators

hello today we're going to do a quick follow-up to my original tutorial on Twitter show you some of the basic features and also some additional features based on some of the feedback and comments that I've gotten I want to be go in a little more detail specifically on the use of tweetdeck so […]

Trump Is Cutting Funding For Renewable Energy And Boosting Money To Fossil Fuels

Donald Trump's 2019 budget slashes fundingfor renewable energy and environmental protection projects in the United States, while uppingthe amount that we're giving to fossil fuel companies already. Now, bear in mind for a second that the UnitedStates government subsidizes the fossil fuel industry to the tune of between four and sevenbillion dollars every single year. […]

The Finagle Ecosystem

all right so this talk is about who's going to be about the finagle ecosystem especially how it works at Twitter so hopefully for people who don't know that much about finagle also be interesting but also for people who use maybe some of the features but not all of them will be interesting and […]

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