Environmental Conservation Opportunities

Hi guys! This is Suf and I’m Belinda and we’re both 4th year Environmental Conservation students here at Bangor University. So this video is just a little bit about the travel opportunities we’ve had since being here. For me, I went on a study abroad year to University of Alberta in Canada. And I also […]

Amazing Wildlife Safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park and Kazinga Channel Uganda 2019 (4K video)

Ishasha Wilderness Camp African elephant Ugandan kob Vervet monkey Long-crested eagle Grey-headed kingfisher Madagascar bee-eater Black-winged kite Topi Grey crowned crane Ugandan kob White-browed coucal African pygmy kingfisher Grey-backed fiscal Cape buffalo Yellow-billed oxpecker Topi Hippopotamus Leopard Spotted hyena White-backed vulture African elephant Palm-nut vulture Olive baboon Double-toothed barbet Ross’s turaco Red-tailed monkey Juvenile bateleur […]

Women’s rights to forests and trees in Uganda

Forests are and will remain one of the major sources of livelihoods to the majority of the people, to maximize the benefits of forests and trees, and to accelerate the restoration of the huge chunks of forest degraded over the last several decades, there is need for greater inclusion and participation of the forest-dependent communities […]

The nurse who heals forests in Uganda

If we kept our forests standing and we leave these streams flowing as usual life would be good and interesting. Claire is my name. I am a forest monitor in Rubuse parish, Hoima district. My profession: I am a nurse but I also like environmental conservation, I like it most. The young people for them, […]

Uganda’s New Forests

5,000 chimpanzees still live in Uganda. But danger surrounds them. A growing demand for charcoal and firewood is shrinking their habitat every day. In the last years, chimps have even begun to leave the forests in search of food, creating deadly conflicts with farmers. But there is a different side to this story. In Uganda, […]

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