Oceanic – Secrets of World Climate, Episode 7

Cool oceans. Westerly winds. Storm-driven rains. Half-way between equator and pole, the lands on the westerly fringes of the continents are dominated by their neighbouring seas. Mild winters. Mild summers. If you excuse the constant ocean storms, cloudy skies and rain, then these are not lands of extremes. Having some of the most dramatic coastlines […]

British Wildlife – Newts

Hello and welcome to Natural World Facts. I’m here at my back garden pond looking for newts. In the springtime, newts return to water to breed after spending the winter hibernating on land, meaning this pond is the perfect place to find them. Now, because most of the activity occurs underwater, I’ll be sinking this […]

Nature’s refuge for wildlife

I’m Dr Andrew Suggitt, I work with the Universities of York and Exeter and I research the impacts of climate change on wildlife. The biggest challenges for species who like cooler or wetter conditions who might struggle as the temperatures warm. We’ve already found out that species are shifting their geographic range and also altering […]

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