16th Century exercises in a modern environment

Hi, I’m Dr. Joan Fitzpatrick. I’m the senior lecturer in English here at Loughborough University and today we’re at the Holywell Fitness Centre to show you some sixteenth-century exercises from Thomas Elyot’s Castle of Health. The first exercise was delving especially in tough or heavy clay soil and by delving he meant digging. Other exercises […]

Ecology and Wildlife conservation

My name is Chris Hassall, and I’m a lecturer at the University of Leeds. I’m passionate about global ecology, climate change and conserving the natural world. This course will help you understand concepts of ecology and wildlife conservation, and give you a taste of what it’s like to study at the University of Leeds for […]

Latin America: Environmental Conditions

Throughout this course, we have identified how climates are affected by latitude, atmospheric pressure, and elevation. In this video, we will establish how these three ideas combine to create extreme ranges in environmental conditions within each nation of Latin America. In addition, we will explore how climate is a major factor in determining the distribution […]

Environmental Engineering, MSc Degree Programme

Do you want to work for a better future? Our two-year Master’s Programme in Environmental Engineering – educates professionals whose work improves energy- and eco-efficiency – and minimises environmental pollution and the use of natural resources. Study with us – and become an expert in environmental engineering and circular economy. Environmental engineering is important – […]

Environmental Geography

Studying Human Geography is all about studying people, space, place and society. Amsterdam is the perfect place to do that. In our programme you can choose from four specialisations. Urban geography, political geography… …environmental geography and economic geography. The social relevance of the course in Advanced Environmental Geography… …is evident, because students are already going […]

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