Energy accessibility motivates ANU researcher

Something that drives me very deeply is to provide electricity to 1.2 billion people that don’t have electricity. This is a very deep driving force for me. Providing a basic need, such synergy, is as basic as providing food essentially. Particularly electricity, which is an enabling energy form that can lead to human progress. What […]

Meet the Researchers – Dr. Lorraine Lipscombe

My name is Lorraine Lipscombe, I’m an endocrinologist at Women’s College Hospital, a Scientist both at the Women’s College Research Institute and the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences, and I am also an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto. As a physician, I feel that it’s really important when we can help people on […]

Advances in Precision Agriculture Expo

The alarm warning us that we’re coming to the end of the field. Precision AG is the basically the idea that we’re going to use GPS technology to do things and farming a little bit more accurately, a little bit more efficiently and be more productive. Today we’re out here highlighting different equipment sets that […]

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