Best Speech You Will Ever Hear – Gary Yourofsky

p”Gary Yourofsky: Fighter for justice” “‏4 anti-fur activists arrested” “Animal rights activist vows to live and die for his cause” “Animals Are Slaves To The Circus” “Activist stages protest outside circus” “Driven by a passion for justice” “Taking a stand and standing alone” “Activist chained to car at Shrine Circus” “Yourofsky chained to car at […]

Dominion (2018) – full documentary [Official]

Most people consider themselves animal lovers. We recognise them not as objects but as complex beings with whom we share the planet, our lives, our homes. We take pleasure from their pleasure, we anguish over their pain celebrating their intelligence and individuality as we welcome them into our families, or revere them in their natural […]

Vegetables in English

خضروات خِيار خِيار بروكلي بروكلي كُرُنْب كُرُنْب خرشوف خرشوف نَبات الزَّهْرة نَبات الزَّهْرة خَصّ خَصّ الهِلْيَوْن الهِلْيَوْن بازِلاء بازِلاء سَبانِخ سَبانِخ كُرّاث كُرّاث فِلْفِل فِلْفِل كوسة كوسة كوسة كوسة قَرع قَرع براعم بروكسل براعم بروكسل جزر جزر بَصَل بَصَل بطاطا بطاطا الفلفل الحار الفلفل الحار حبوب ذرة حبوب ذرة فِجل فِجل شَمَنْدَر شَمَنْدَر باذِنْجان باذِنْجان […]

Coming Sept. 17: Unfold, a Podcast by UC Davis

By 2050, close to 10 billion people will inhabit the planet. So our question is – how do we feed this growing global population given that our resources are limited? Can we feed two billion more without further damaging the environment? UC Davis’ podcast, Unfold, will break down this complicated issue. We’ll explore whether Americans […]

What If The World Went Vegetarian?

Chances are you or someone you know is vegetarian – so we thought we’d try a thought experiment. What would happen if everyone in the world was suddenly a vegetarian? What effect would it have on our lives and the planet? Before we begin, full disclosure: none of us at AsapSCIENCE are vegetarians. And the […]

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