The Secret Global Sewer System

Hi, this is Alex from MinuteEarth. Farmers are obsessed with water. It makes sense – their livelihoods depend on crops that will die without enough water. So lots of farmers buy expensive equipment to pump tons of water to their fields. In fact, of all the water humans use, 70% is for agriculture. But here’s […]

How Much Plastic is in the Ocean?

[MUSIC] In January 1992, a cargo ship sailing from Hong Kong to Washington hit a storm, and twelve containers tumbled overboard, releasing a fleet of blue turtles, green frogs, red beavers, and yellow ducks. 28,800 animals, destined for bathtubs, now a lonely plastic navy, drifting in the Pacific Ocean. Then they started to float ashore. […]

EPA – Youth and the Environment

[ Music ] Dave Chin: The Youth & Environment Program was created in 1990 by two EPA employees, Charlie Conway of EPA Region 1 and Mary Settle of EPA headquarters. It was established to provide inner-city, disadvantaged, high school students with opportunities, summer jobs, in the environmental field to explore potential careers to help protect […]

Enviroscape Watershed Model – Agriculture

Hello, this is Dr. Gary Hawkins with the University of Georgia Crop and Soil Sciences Department and UGA Extension. Today we will be demonstrating how to use the Enviroscape Watershed model. Funding for this video has been in part from Georgia’s EPD 319 program. Today we’re going to focus on a few ways to use […]

Lake Ecosystems – L9.5

next we'll talk about lake and pond ecosystems underwater plants and plankton make up most of the food base for entire pond and lake ecosystems plankton are tiny mostly microscopic free-floating organisms there are two kinds of plankton phytoplankton are photosynthesizing aquatic organisms yet they can grow into lakes sunlit open water photic zone where […]

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