Where Does One Ocean End And Another Begin?

Hi, this is Kate from MinuteEarth. Earth’s ocean water, all 140 million-ish square miles of it, is all interconnected – which becomes really clear when you look at the world like this. Technically our planet only has one ocean: the giant, not-so-creatively named “world ocean.” But that makes it hard to talk about different parts […]

MDG 7: Ensure environmental sustainability

VOICEOVER: Climate change is already affecting many countries, particularly in the Pacific. It’s exacerbating current environmental and development challenges and, if left unaddressed, holds the potential to stall and reverse progress towards the MDGs. Kiribati, which already suffers many environmental challenges, is one of the most vulnerable countries in the region. (SPEAKS LOCAL LANGUAGE) TRANSLATION: […]

Thanks for Helping 4ocean Make Waves in 2019

2019 has been an awesome year. Thanks to you, we pulled more than four million pounds of trash from the ocean and coastlines – bringing our total to over seven million pounds in just two years, but that’s not all. We’ve successfully deployed the 4ocean Mobile Skimmer, Harbor Skimmer, and launched a bunch of new […]

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