NRCS: Sacred River

[Live Native American Music] I am a fisherman I am a water person. I am a survivor of the great flood and it’s our way of life. [Boad engine] [Live Native American Music] You know really to the untrained eye when you walk up to a river your first thought is wow this is this […]

Definitions in the Field: Natural Resources

(soft music) (pain spraying) (upbeat music) – Natural Resources are resources used by humans that naturally all come from earth such as minerals, water, air, fossil fuels, and food sources. My name is Nzigiyimpa Leonidas, I am Chief Warden of protected areas of Southern Burundi and a National Geographic Explorer. In this region people depend […]


Woah! Um Um Um Borrow means that you have something for a little bit and then you give it back to them. Someone gives you their thing and you return it to them in perfect condition. You are responsible for it and you have to take care of it and then once you’re done you […]

We are Oklahoma. We are Water.

There’s a saying out there that there’s no cheaper water than the water that you have right now so if we can work to conserve water and better use the water that we have, then that’s going to be the cheapest way for us to meet our future needs. The purpose of the water center […]

April Pinger, CAWCD Board of Directors

Hi, I’m April Pinger and I represent Maricopa County on the Central Arizona Water Conservation District Board of Directors. Few natural resources are as precious as water. And thanks to CAP and reliable, renewable Colorado River water, the Arizona economy is stronger and residents enjoy a higher quality of life.

Camp Brookside Summer Camp 2018

Nobody talked about history. Camp Brookside is part of the historical part of the park. To the watershed! You throw the rope. Going to the park. Hold up! Is that a camper I see? A Junior Ranger. That’s cool. …And I’m kicking rocks. Hey man, you are scaring the fish. That’s affecting Steve. On the […]

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