Microsoft Edge and NAAEE Partner on Environmental Stories

Environmental education is helping people understand the link between a healthy environment and healthy societies. Science, math, reading, problem-solving, all that can come together. The natural outdoors are really classrooms. Environmental education is a huge field, but it’s really disaggregated. I think of NAAEE as the hub, as the one place that’s kind of looking […]

Is the Internet Making You Meaner?

(calm music) – Do you ever catch yourself saying something online that you probably wouldn’t say in real life? I’m looking at you internet trolls. Got something bad to say to me? Come at me bro, come on. I’m just kidding. We don’t get trolls on our videos. Y’all are all great. But you know […]

The Making of This Exquisite Forest

So the project’s called “This ExquisiteForest” and it comes from the inspiration of the “exquisite corpse” this idea that the Surrealists came up with a kind of collaborative creation. Aaron and I did the Johnny Cash Project. Itwas a crowdsourced music video for Johnny Cash’s final album. After we built the Johnny Cash Project, wewere […]

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