Youth Environmental Conference

>>Narration: Where could you combine a sleep over… a science project… a field trip to visit a recycling robot… and a chance to meet new friends with similar interests from all across the state? This year’s Youth Environmental Conference from the West Virgina Department of Environmental Protection is the answer. This is the 36th year […]

Environment Matters 2017 – Episode 8

>>ANNOUNCER: Promoting a healthy environment – it’s the air we breathe… clean safe water… responsible management of our natural resources… we protect and restore… for a sustainable future… Environmental Matters…>>THANH ASHMAN: One of the things that we really promote is making the world a better place whether it’s providing the education to the community about […]

Environment Matters – November 2012, Part 1

>>ANOUNCER: Promoting a healthy environment it’s the year we breathe clean, safe water responsible management of our natural resources to protect and restore for a sustainable future… Environment Matters.>>Carol Graham: I think one of the things is that they understand is that they, individually, can make a difference. >>GREG ADOLFSON: Making a difference one student […]

Clay Center Educator Tour

welcome to your Clay Center the Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences is your premiere destination for field trips visit the Clay Center to see a brand new exhibit my town and experience hands-on learning like never before with the familiar gold dome of West Virginia State Capitol at its entrance various businesses flank […]

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