What If There Were No Whales on Earth

Hey there! Whales are the biggest creatures in the history of our planet. Their influence on not only nature but also humanity and our culture is equally as huge. I think their cool! I love ‘em so much in fact, you could call me the “Prince of Whales”. Or not. Anyway, you wouldn’t think their […]

What If Earth’s Oceans Evaporated?

What if all the oceans disappeared from the Earth’s surface? This is WHAT IF, and here’s what would happen if all the Earth’s oceans evaporated. In the early years of our planet, the Earth was flat. But not in a way you might think. The Earth just didn’t have any mountains and was mostly covered […]

What If All the Worlds Oceans Dried Up?

The discovery of a liquid ocean and a large underground body of water on Mars have scientists extremely excited about the possibility of life outside earth- with many evolutionary scientists believing that not just liquid water- but oceans of it- are essential for the evolution of life, let alone its sustainment. But what would happen […]

What If We Colonize The Ocean? | Unveiled

What If We Colonized the Ocean? For the last century, outer space has been considered “the final frontier”. But when over 70% of Earth’s surface area is covered by water, perhaps there’s a whole other frontier entirely. The deep seas are ready and waiting for human habitation. This is Unveiled, and today we’re answering the […]

Why the Ocean is Still Unexplored | Unveiled

Why Haven’t We Explored the Ocean Yet? The Earth’s oceans contain roughly 321 million cubic miles of water, which is trillions upon trillions of gallons of liquid, stretching across more than 70% of our planet’s surface area and amounting to roughly 99% of the Earth’s total living-space. And yet, there’s still so much we don’t […]

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