The Women of Georgia Wildlife: Linda May

My name is Linda May, and I’m an Environmental Outreach Coordinator for the Georgia DNR Wildlife Resources Division. I work with anyone who wants to learn more about nature, about wildlife in particular, anyone that’s curious about the natural world. So, that used to be more students and teachers, and now it’s kind of segued […]

Wildlife Biologist – Career Spotlight

I absolutely love being outdoors, getting to study new species [group of animals] all the time. Learning about how they affect the ecology [animals and their surroundings] of an environment [where the animals live] is fascinating to me. Conservation really means protecting wildlife and when I say wildlife, I’m not just referring to animals, but […]

Building Bluebird Nest Boxes

[McPeake] Do you own a few acres? Do you want to do something for wildlife? If you lack nest cavities on your property, here’s a suggestion for you. Consider building or purchasing some nest boxes & putting them in strategic locations on your property. Eastern bluebirds are a prime example of the species that have […]

The Prairie Wetland Learning Center Experience

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Make tomorrow better: Simon – Environmental Conservation and Awareness

G’day, I’m Simon Cherriman, since graduating from Curtin I’ve been helping make tomorrow better through my work converving and raising awareness about Western Australia’s unique natural environment. Over the past five years I’ve worked on a number of projects with different organisations throughout Western Australia. From noisy scrub bird recovery in Albany, wedge tailed eagle […]

SPIKY Sea Creatures!

– Come on, come on, come here, I think I got a small animal! – Whaddya got? – I got a seahorse! – What, it’s not a seahorse… – I got a seahorse! – Oh, did you really? – Yeah! – Are you kidding me? – No, look! (dramatic music) (splashing) – As the morning […]

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