Wildlife of the Alps

As you lace up your boots in the morning, you have a pretty good idea of the scenic splendor you’ll be viewing: jagged, snow-dusted peaks, towering waterfalls, an icy blue glacial lake. After all, these are the Alps. But what you’re really hoping for, and I can’t blame you, is that unexpected glimpse of the […]

“Kilimanjaro Elephants” – Amazing Wildlife Safari in Amboseli National Park Kenya 2018 (4K)

Tortilis Camp Elewana Collection African elephant Common wildebeest Bat-eared fox Masai giraffe Grey crowned crane Leopard tortoise Dwarf mongoose Vervet monkey Vervet monkey Egyptian goose African elephant Plains zebra Common ostrich White-browed coucal White-faced whistling duck Egyptian goose African spoonbill Great white pelican Glossy ibis Great white egret Black crake Great white egret Grey heron […]

More Growth = Collapse

Welcome to another episode of Scientists Warning TV with co-host Regina Valdez and myself Patrick Lincoln, coming live to you from the UN negotiations COP 25 in Spain, Madrid. Today’s guests: Amy Lewis who is the Vice-president of Policy and Communications for the Wild Foundation And Gert-Peter Bruch and Mindahi Bastida, who are the founding […]


It is always best to view wildlife from a distance, so as not to disturb them. Unfortunately, wildlife in New Zealand faces threats from loss of habitat, invasive species, and exploitation. Our parks and reserves offer a last refuge from these threats. We need to treat wild animals and marine life with respect. Remember, don’t […]

Bravest Cameras for Wildlife!

– What? – Yup. – So, they can actually purchase the same gear that we have, and make their own productions? – That’s right. So, who knows, maybe somebody at home will make the next big YouTube channel using the Brave Wilderness camera bundle. What’s going on guys? Mark and Mario here, on location in […]

Wildlife Biologist – NRCS

As a wildlife biologist, I believe I have the best job in the NRCS. Essentially, I help people build and protect habitat for fish and wildlife. This entails working with private landowners, and many other partner organizations, such as state wildlife agencies, to assess habitat conditions like I’m doing today and implement on-the-ground projects to […]

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