Protecting Small Animals Along Minnesota Roadways

My name is Chris Smith and I work at the MnDOT Office of Environmental Stewardship and I’m a Wildlife Ecologist. This project is focusing on small animals and within that kind of large category, we’re most interested in turtles. We’re trying to reduce female turtle road mortality to better sustain those populations long-term. We have […]

Ancient Mesopotamia 101 | National Geographic

(soft music) – [Narrator] The story of writing, astronomy, and law. The story of civilization itself begins in one place. Not Egypt, not Greece, not Rome. But Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia is an exceedingly fertile plain situated between the Tigris and the Euphrates Rivers. For five millennia, the small strip of land situated in what is today […]

Earth’s STRANGEST Lost Worlds

From twin jungle sinkholes atop mountains in South America to frozen lakes hidden below sea level in Antarctica, today we visit Earth’s Strangest Lost Worlds. Number 13. Mount Roraima A 12-square mile summit, Mount Roraima stands tall at 1,300 ft. of green-covered cliffs. This spectacle acts as the centerpiece between the neighboring countries of Brazil, […]

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