When Cape Buffalo Attack

Number 6 Larry Trotter II Larry Trotter II was on a 25-day archery hunting safari when he was brutally attacked by a Cape buffalo. At the last minute, his tour guides reportedly convinced him to include the large bovine on his list of game. Less than half an hour into his first excursion, Trotter came […]

Wonders of the Rain Forest

Millions of years ago, before man, before the ice ages, when the world was warm and humid, forests like these covered much of the earth. And it was here, rough eons of geological time, that a profusion of life evolved. The remnants of those primordial jungles are the rain forests of today. They are home […]

Topic 1 – Introduction to Wildlife Management

Hello everyone. I’m Chong Ju Lian and today I would like to introduce to you what is wildlife management. Some aspects of Wildlife Management which I shall cover include definition of wildlife management, a brief history of wildlife management, types and goals of wildlife management, and also what does a wildlife manager does. Wildlife refers […]

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