Accelerating Climate Action

This is a test. Morning>>Good morning. Welcome to everyone on day two of the Sustainable Development Summits in New York City. We are very excited in the agenda this morning. We have some outstanding speakers and we will focus particularly on actions and steps to tackle the climate change crisis that we face. It is […]

Transforming Markets

>>Thank you for waiting so patiently. We’re working out some technicals on the backend. This section is airing for television for the international broadcaster in Germany , so we are setting this up for television right now and will get started in a moment. Thank you.>>Welcome to the sustainable development impact summit in New York. […]

Clean Air Fund

>>We need to start the press conference . Welcome to the Clean Air Fund press conference . I’m joined today by managing director of the Clean Air Fund , the CEO of Gulf International Bank and the head of mobility industries and system initiative. We are going to focus on a smaller number of geographies […]

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