Cooking in The Forest. ASMR

We’re cooking today This is a transformation potion It is designed to transform anything that you put into it Anything like your fears, worries, nightmares Anything that bothers you I will ad some extra ingredients to help it to transform quicker You can transform Anything that you put in it Into something new, something special […]

Magical Ocean Moments! | Disney Princess

(upbeat music) – [Man] Moana! (laughing) (upbeat music) – I was there that day. The ocean chose you. (upbeat music) – I thought it was a dream. (water splashing) – Nope! – I am Moana, (murmurs). Warn my boat! Oh no. (moaning) (chicken clucking) – Did not see that coming. – I am Moana of […]

Great Ocean Road – This is Australia

Great Ocean Road, Twelve Apostes here we come three two one… one more time please… go… go… sorry… sorry… go I don’t really sorry just kidding guys because I have like 20 different good shots you know I love these kind of pictures you know you got a Eiffel tower like that you know or […]

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