Ivy & Raj | a drop in the ocean.

You wanna see something really cool? Okay. Where exactly are we going? My name is Raj. I’m Ivy. Hi Ivy. Hi Raj. I’m not making a mess of my life. Yes you are, & I’m not gonna be apart of that. Your being a total hypocrite, okay. I’m gonna go. I just don’t want to […]

Indiana Nongame Wildlife Fund

Least Terns. Indiana Bats. Hellbenders. Sandhill cranes. Allegheny woodrats. Streamside Salamanders. Freshwater mussels. These are just some of the 750 nongame and endangered wildlife species in Indiana. Their survival depends on the Indiana Nongame Wildlife Fund, and you can help. In fact, your help is critical to ongoing research of these species and their needs. […]

West Coast Trail Hiker Preparation Guide

[music] [Narrator] The West Coast Trail is a multi-day backcountry hike along the west shoreline of Vancouver Island. the trail lies in the traditional territories of the Huu-ay-aht, Ditidaht, and Pacheedaht First Nations. These Nations have been here since time immemorial and continue to call Vancouver Island home. Today, through cooperative management, the West Coast […]

GAY MERLIN: Making Love in a Forest

What would you like? It’s probably just my imagination. I should get some rest. Are you sure you want to do this? With all my heart. What will you tell your father? Not sure. Does my father matter? Now you tell me? Oh, what’s that wildren eating? It’s alright, it’s just Merlin. Are you trying […]

How To Get Ocean Ready for a Princess Cruise

Hey cruisers by now you’ve heard the news the cruisetipstv family is setting sail on Royal Princess very soon and as part of our medallion class cruise experience we need to get ocean ready never fear though, getting ocean ready is a simple three-step process that will quickly prepare you for your medallion class princess […]

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