Hunt Safe – Wear Blaze Orange

Blaze orange clothing has been found to be one factor that has helped make hunting one of the safest sports and activities. During the firearms deer season hunters must wear a blaze orange vest excluding their sleeves and a blaze orange hat. Keep in mind, the more blaze orange you wear the more visible you […]

SF Motors SF5 Product Film

The future starts here. Every time you hit the accelerator. Because with every drive, our next-generation EV adapts to you. To your needs. To your life. Featuring instantly responsive electric performance. Protective autonomy. Evolving intelligence. All working together to enhance your drive. And get you to the people, places and moments that matter most. Each […]

How to Find Oil on Your Land

How to Find Oil on Your Land. Initial searches for oil on land usually require the skills of geologists and geophysicists. These searches are often conducted by small exploration companies called wildcats. You will need Surface indications Geological correlations Gravitational field variations Magnetic properties Sound wave velocities and test well. Step 1. Look for obvious […]

Using Ice Picks for Self Rescue

Many people drown because they can’t pull themselves out of the water. The weight of water-soaked clothing combined with the slippery surface of the ice makes escape extremely difficult. Carry a couple of long nails, or homemade ice picks in your pocket to help escape from the ice hole. How should you react if you […]

All About Jobs – Episode #2

Ready guys? Hi my name’s Andy this is Meena Hello everyone. Humber, and the show is called All about jobs! At Humber College and we’re with three live students. Your names are And we’re talking about the elevator pitch today. OR as Meena would like to call it, The Credible Introduction. And if we go […]

Grasslands for Gamebirds and Songbirds

Grasslands for Gamebirds and Songbirds is a partnership with conservation agencies including the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, US Department of Agriculture, non-profit conservation groups and other sponsors to Develop and improve grassland and pollinator habitat in targeted areas in Indiana. Whether your interest is helping pollinators, wildlife viewing, gamebird hunting, or conservation-minded land management, […]

The process of EVS in under 2 minutes!

This is You. One day, You decide to make something different and do EVS. So You go to a sending organization, where you’re informed about the projects. You apply on the web, and then… A message! You have been accepted!! The adventure of EVS starts!! You get ready with the help of your sending organization… […]

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