TAMU Researchers using buoys to forecast Tropical Storm Barry, future storms

TAMU Researchers using buoys to forecast Tropical Storm Barry, future storms

although berry isn't supposed to make much of an impact here in Central Texas people in our area are still doing their part well First Alert meteorologist Josh Jones is back live in College Station and Josh tell us about the research that's being done there at both of our alma mater is there Texas A&M yeah Lindsey so researchers right here at Texas A&M are doing their part to help track berry or anything else that may be forming in the tropics I got to tour the geochemical and environmental research group or notice GERD they operate a network of buoys off the Texas coastline that feedback valuable data that helps meteorologists and computer models track in forecast tropical systems the scope expands much further than our weather and our immediate meteorological observations though we measure near surface currents meteorological conditions and wave climate so all of it is really protecting the resources of Texas protecting the coastline of Texas and my protecting the coastline of Texas you're protecting the economic prosperity of the people who work in those areas now one cool thing they showed me as they operate a network of radars they constantly scan the waves in the Gulf of Mexico and they're about to put another one of those radars online to near Freeport that'll just help further their arsenal if you want more information on jerk or anything else going on at Texas A&M we've posted a link at our website on kxx b.com live in College Station Josh Johnson central Texas news now

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