Thales recognised as European leader in physical science by "Nature"

Thales recognised as European leader in physical science by "Nature"

you are ranked first in Europe and 12th worldwide and feel the physical sciences what does this ranking mean to you well I mean firstly we are all very happy because you know whatever the award we celebrate the award by the way we have other awards like you know clarified analytics which recognized for seven years that we are among the 100 most innovative companies but this rankling which was done by the journal Nature is of different significance because it actually qualified our scientific excellence in the physics and you know being number one in Europe is just wonderful he's exceptional is by the way not the first year we are number one but you know when you are on the top staying on the top is a challenge so we are very happy and we will provide this to the team that we have they will be very happy with that and being number 12 in in the world I mean given all you know all the competition from United States the the rising easier countries this is this is a really fantastic achievement what does physics research bring to Tallis's products and hence customers well it gives differentiator and competitiveness in a way you know our quality in delivery to the customer of course comes from a number of factors systems software signal processing but the love comes from hardware and of course we do buy hardware we do buy components and so forth but it's important that we create the differentiators here and it's also important that actually we serve our customer needs in terms of serenity it's not just for the beauty to be ranked number one it is actually for the market is for our customer and for the tourists to be differentiating and serving really well our customers you talk about quantum physics how will this field revolutionize the world well it will be a major breakthrough art is whether you will really notice that quantum physic is behind because what we are really dealing with today is the second quantum revolution now the first one you may say what was the first one bringing well actually brought you lasers optical communication medical systems atomic clocks for the Global Positioning System GPS and micro electronics so you can say all the hi-tech is actually the results of the first quantum revolution so the second one will be as big a step and it will actually make a breakthrough you know all of the sensor we are doing not kind of twenty thirty percent improvement but it will be orders of magnitude improvement which will actually present new use cases new business model we can even not imagine today but for us Dallas today the first step and and very important for our customer would be sensors which this is the core of the activity of the chalice where the new paradigm is ahead of us because of this second quantum technology revolution

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