The 10 Best Places To Live In Canada For 2019

The 10 Best Places To Live In Canada For 2019

Canada often ranks at the top of lifestyle
lists; it offers employment opportunities; it has decent standards of healthcare and
education. If you are planning to immigrate to Canada,
one of the most difficult choices will be to pick up the best place for you to live
in Canada. Here we share some of Canada’s best cities
to live for new immigrants. 10. Montreal, Quebec. Montreal is Canada’s second-largest economy. It is also one of the best places in Canada,
if not the world, to raise children. Kids in Montreal are highly likely to grow
up learning and speaking two languages. Not only are the kids happy and safe, but
parents and guardians find it easier to enter the labor market or continue their studies. Living costs in Montreal are generally more
affordable than in other large Canadian cities. Montreal neighborhood can be rented for as
little as $400 per month, with some one-bedroom apartments starting at $550-600. Household utilities are quite reasonably priced
and generally charged per month. 9. Vancouver, British Columbia. Vancouver, a metropolitan city with a small-town
vibe, is one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse cities in Canada, 52% of its population
are not a native English speaker. Each of the city’s unique neighborhoods
presents plenty of opportunities for employment and for enjoying recreational activities. Vancouver is family-friendly and full of fun
things to do with your loved ones as well as highly-rated educational programs, which
makes it a great place to raise children. The cost of living and housing prices are
high compared to other places in Canada, but the average income and style of living in
the area are making great compensation. 8. Toronto, Ontario. Toronto often ranks highly as one of the happiest
places to live and work in the world. It is well known in high quality of life and
demonstrating excellence in innovation, health, safety and security, and ease of doing business. The unemployment rate in Toronto is very low,
and many individuals find their personal income to be very satisfied with a variety of job
opportunities in the area. Toronto is also ideal for healthy and self-sufficient
seniors. If you enjoy a dynamic and exciting atmosphere,
then you should consider a retirement home in Toronto. 7. Kingston, Ontario. Kingston is the most romantic city in Canada. It’s well known with beautiful lakefront,
excellent restaurants, and historic architecture. Kingston is also one of the safest cities
in the country, the best place to retire. The city offers low property taxes, a good
variety of new and resale housing at reasonable prices. Medical care is inexpensive thanks to the
government-financed Ontario Health Insurance Plan. Crime rates in Kingston are moderate by Canadian
standards. It seems a very safe place to walk about,
day or night. 6. Halifax, Nova Scotia. The features that make Halifax one of the
best cities to live in Canada include low property tax, availability of jobs with the
government as the primary employer, and the safe and clean environment. Halifax welcomes thousands of young professionals
and newcomers every year who fall in love with the east coast lifestyle and enviable
combination of urban and rural living. The city offers excellent housing options
at costs considerably lower than many other North American cities. The primary industry here is fishing and trawling. Even though being a fisherman doesn’t sound
like the most glamorous job in the world, it is an amazing way to earn and save money. As you’re out a sea all day, and often all
week, there aren’t many opportunities to spend your money. 5. Calgary, Alberta. Calgary is the biggest city in Alberta and
the third-largest urban area in Canada. Calgary’s rapid growth is due in large part
to the city being at the center of the country’s oil industry. The city is well known for being attractive,
especially for engineers, mechanics, miners, and entrepreneurs. The progressive school system and abundance
of parks and playgrounds make it the perfect place to raise kids. The crime rate in the area is low, and unemployment
is slowly improving when more and more new immigrants are coming to live and work in
Calgary. 4. Burlington, Ontario. Burlington is a perfect place for those who
want a big city living in close proximity to nature and the great outdoors. The lifestyle available is good, with plenty
of schools, colleges and healthcare facilities available to residents. Burlington is one of the more expensive cities
in the ranking. However, this city earns high marks for low
unemployment, pleasant weather, low crime, high incomes, and good traffic. Finding a job is fairly easy in Burlington. The leading industrial sectors are food processing,
packaging, electronics, transportation, business services, chemical and environmental. 3. Quebec City, Quebec. In addition to its beauty, Quebec City offers
an unbeatable quality of life for newcomers. Prices for day-to-day amenities are very competitive,
while tuition fees are affordable, and healthcare is free of charge. In Quebec City and the surrounding region,
French is the predominant language of conversation. The people here are known for their friendliness,
conviviality, and respect for diversity. Every year, people from around the world decide
to unpack their bags here. In short, Quebec City is a great place to
live! 2. Oakville, Ontario. Oakville is a great city to live in Canada. It’s a lovely suburban town in southern Ontario,
just 30 minutes from downtown Toronto. The city allows residents easy access to the
amenities and job market in both Toronto and Hamilton while maintaining the benefits of
a smaller suburb. Oakville is a popular location for the life
science companies, specializing mainly in pharmaceuticals, and elder care. The prices of real estates in Oakville are
very affordable, and the weather is the best in Canada. 1. Ottawa, Ontario. Ottawa has a very low crime rate, high quality
of life, great public transit, and low population. The city is known as one of the most educated
cities in the country, as it is home to high-profile universities such as the University of Ottawa. The cost of living in Ottawa although higher
than average is still quite affordable. Unemployment in Ottawa is relatively low and
stands at 5.3%. The most growing areas of employment are natural
and applied sciences and related; education, law and community; and management occupations. English is understood everywhere, and learning
French might benefit you in terms of integrating faster in the community or getting certain
types of employment.

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100 thoughts on “The 10 Best Places To Live In Canada For 2019

  1. Burlington may be pretty but is the most unauthentic. Underlying racism, lack of depth. Egoism at its finest. Steer clear of this bubble.

  2. This list is absurd. Go for Halifax Montreal Toronto or Calgary, those are nice cities most of these are nonsense

  3. Have lived in Canada all my life. Best places to live are Victoria; Ottawa; Kingston; Quebec Cite. Vancouver, Toronto & Montreal are too big & too expensive. Definitely a Top Ten country in the world though. :O)

  4. Imagine some people and Canada want to go on a vacation in America and Americans want to vacation in Canada lol.

  5. Canada is a wonderful country but if one does not have a decent job, Canada is not recommended for those.

    Finding a decent job in Canada in one's profession is an ongoing struggling process for years for new immigrants even after five years in Canada.
    So think and research before one leaps to Canada by watching this kind of "Euphoria" based video description

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  7. The primary industry in Halifax is fishing? Please, I don't think so; I lived in Halifax for 55 years.

  8. As a Canadian, this video is VERY misleading. There are way better options, and please do no not consider this video.

  9. < shows Canadian kids in the video
    < they are all brown or blacks 😂
    Is this a video promoting invasion of Canada lol

  10. Québec city respect for diversity ?!!? Hahahahahahahahahhahahahah its the most nationalist place in the entire Canada by far

  11. We were just in Victoria BC and were able to 7 awesome locations while there. Love this vid, if you get a chance check out our video here

  12. what do u guys think of halifax? i know real estate is cheap there and it seems beautiful and peaceful?

    i live in toronto now, its fine here but i dont like the super cold winters. its too windy and the summers are too hot. it is a fun city but a little nervous vibe, too busy close to downtown. probably nicer in the suburbs.

    i used to live in vancouver, my review of vancouver is that it is visually a naturally gorgeous city but gets depressing cos of the constant rain and cloudiness. also small city, gets a little boring. but winters are around 0c so thats very pleasant

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  15. I live in Canada and trust me it is a Butiful Country but OMG BC WAYyyy to much money for a house but I don't live in BC lukaly

  16. Wow she tries so hard to have a narrator voice its so cringy with the deep breaths and lowered voice volume at the end of every sentence and pauses to sound more sophisticated

  17. In Iraq you are nothing, no job, no housing, no help.
    I have four brothers engineers without jobs.
    I am a medical assistant specialist.
    I wish I could go out on a picnic without seeing children cleaning cars and people living on the roads.
    I hope to wake up in the morning and turn on the TV without reading the news of an explosion or kidnapping.
    I hated my homeland and my life I would really like to live in a country that respects human rights like Canada.








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  19. Canada is a very corrupt country and all this is a lie, the people have gone full retard , Satan runs the monopoly, it is a human farm , once they get you they will get your kids, warning , the bank mob will take your soul, run run away from this demon country, don't be suckered, everything is rigged , find a none Satanic country to move to Canada has been lost to the Devil's, warning

  20. Is this a joke? Canada is a shithole right now, can't afford a regular house, crime is rising because people trying to survive and who is to blame? Wtf, why is she lying about rent, to afford one bedroom in any city in canada is beyond average affordability, Canada is number 1 in money laundering and canadian government is doing nothing for the people, smart canadians know what is going on and they are not buying into this real estate BS. If you wanna raise a family in big city in canada, think again. Canada is not as great as everyone thinks.

  21. As someone who has lived in a ton of Canadian cities, I have settled on Victoria in British Columbia being the best. Extremely temperate weather, laid back lifestyle, quaint English feel downtown, and the natural to-do list never ends. The trend of young people moving there from everywhere because its still a city with all the amenities, but not devoid of character like somewhere like Calgary is huge. Economy is growing especially in the housing market, and as someone who works in healthcare you will never be jobless.

  22. This is Propaganda. Go anywhere but here. High cost of living. Socio-economic repression is killing this country. On the verge of a recession.

  23. Where in the world did you get this list?? Quebec is friendly? Ok 🙄 maybe do a little more research, this list is umm not good

    1. Canada's weather really sucks for 6 ot 7 months of the year.

    2. Canada's new gender ideology has practically turned child abuse into a normal practice and freedom of speech a dangerous practice.

    3. Canada restricts the choice of parents when educating their children.

    4. There's too much pride for being homosexual and too much promotion of this practice.

    5. Feminism in Canada is so radical that it has destroyed all normal interaction and communication between men and women.

    6. Real estate and rent prices in Canada are outrageously inflated as if it were France’s Champs-Élysées, Mexico’s Polanco or New York’s Upper East Side.

    7. Food prices are generally way too high.

    8. There’s too much depression and loneliness in Canada.

    9. Family as the unit and foundation of society is being lost at U.S. rates.

    10. Taxes are unnecessarily way too high.

    11. Canadian Government is often meddling in your private life an criminalizes normal human behavior like just expressing yourself freely.

    12. Canada is an outrageously elitist country when it comes to immigration policies as it demands quite a curriculum for prospect immigrant permanent residents and citizenship instead of just normal humans.


    So really, Canada is way overrated, just like Baseball, Harvard University, Harley Davidson, The Mona Lisa, U2, malls, or Star Wars.

  25. I would have added Kelowna BC. Its growing. And it's a great city. Expensive. But more affordable then Van City or Toronto.


  27. If you're coming to Canada for a new life remember its a Western country with Western values of equality and respect of all people. New immigrants are expected to integrate into our communities and accept our values not the other way around.

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