The 10 Best Places To Live In Indiana (USA)

The 10 Best Places To Live In Indiana (USA)

Indiana may be best known for its obsession
with sports and limestone, but what may not be in the public domain is that the Midwestern
state has one of the lowest cost of living in the United States. Anyone looking to relocate to the Hoosier
State will also be happy to know home prices in Indiana are among the most affordable in
the country. Here are the ten best places to live in Indiana
for 2019. 1. Carmel. Carmel, a town in Hamilton County with a population
of 87,000, is one of the best places to live in Indiana. Living in Carmel offers residents a suburban
feel, and most residents own their homes. In Carmel there are a lot of restaurants and
parks. Carmel is an excellent town for those looking
to raise a family or anyone looking to enjoy apartment life with friends. Many families live in Carmel and residents
tend to lean conservative. The residents of Carmel are some of the most
highly educated of the cities in this state, with more than 67% of them holding a college
degree. They also take their children to some of the
best public schools in the nation. 2. Fishers. Fishers is one of the fastest growing communities
in America, with a population today of 86,000. Fishers is safe and quaint and full of young
families, but what makes it unique is this huge emphasis on Fishers as a place with an
entrepreneurial spirit. The town has affordable homes, good healthcare
and a diverse business sector, and transportation assets include Interstate 69. The prices of homes in Fishers can range from
lower-middle class to upper-class, which makes it accommodating for all types of families. The schools are amazing and people are friendly. Lots of businesses and places. Many churches around, too. A highly regarded Hamilton Southeastern School
District has more than 21,000 students, and recreation attractions include Geist Reservoir,
14 parks and 85 miles of trails and greenways. 3. Zionsville. The Town of Zionsville consistently ranks
as one of the best places to live not only in Indiana, but in the nation. Located just 8 miles northwest of Indianapolis,
Zionsville has the proximity of being just down the road to large metropolitan shopping,
restaurants, business and events, yet far enough away to retain the quiet and
quaintness of a small town. Zionsville residents have the 1st highest
income in the state, and the 1st lowest crime numbers in Indiana, you won’t find a safer
place in Indiana than Zionsville. Zionsville also has some of the best performing
public schools in the country. With 17 parks and facilities and over 400
acres of parkland, it’s easy to understand Zionsville is “A Town Within a Park.” 4. Munster. Munster is a town in Lake County that lies
15 miles west of the city of Gary. It is a small town with a good school system
and real estate. It is quite safe here, and there are few health
concerns. One of the most relaxing things to do in the
Summer is to visit Lake Michigan and relax on the sand. Homes in this area are valued at $200,000
on average, and the schools receive one of the biggest funding in the state. Munster residents are also well remunerated,
taking home $70,000 per household on average, which is significantly higher than many Indiana
towns and cities. Unfortunately, the unemployment rate in the
area is one of the highest in the state. If that could get sorted out, life around
these parts could look rosier than it already is. 5. West Lafayette. West Lafayette is the seat of Purdue, one
of the most prestigious public universities in the country. That basically makes it a college town. Most of the people here are college educated. Its population stands at 45,000, and the presence
of a university in the area means the people are a pretty diverse bunch. West Lafayette is a beautiful place, as anyone
who has been to Purdue will admit. It has established a culture of friendliness
and politeness, so any new faces in the area should blend right in. West Lafayette boasts a lovely downtown with
lots of restaurants and shopping. If you are interested in the hard figures,
median home value stands at $190,000, and the residents fork out $850 on average in
rent. 6. Fort Wayne. With its low cost of living and quiet neighborhoods,
Fort Wayne is an excellent place to buy a house, start a career, launch a business and
raise children. The cost of living in Fort Wayne is much lower
than the national average. Although the average salary for a Fort Wayne
resident is noticeably lower than the average American, affordable home prices make buying
a home a realistic goal for middle-class residents. Fort Wayne attracts families looking for a
quiet community with quality schools, though there are a variety of age groups residing
in the metro area from young singles to retirees. It has numerous family-friendly attractions,
including Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo and Science Central. Additionally, there are 86 public parks covering
2,800 acres where kids can stretch their legs. Fort Wayne experiences all four seasons. The region is located far enough from the
Great Lakes to avoid the majority of lake-effect snow. 7. Westfield. Westfield is one of the best places to live
in Indiana, thanks to a combination of multiple factors. For one, the Indianapolis suburb has some
of the best performing schools in the state, both private and public. The residents also enjoy short commute times,
due to the area’s proximity to the city. The job sector is as healthy as you will find
in the state, and the jobs on offer are some of highest paying in Indiana, with households
taking home a combined $86,000. For a place associated with a high cost of
living, the fat paychecks are more than welcome. Westfield has some of the most expensive homes
in the state, averaging $220,000 – which is considered high in Indiana. 8. Dyer. Dyer is a town in Lake County whose population
stands at 16,000. It sprung into the public limelight more than
10 years ago, when it was listed as one of the best 100 places to live in the US by both
CNN and Money Magazine, and it is a fete the town strives to uphold
even to this day. The residents of Dyer enjoy some of the highest
incomes in Indiana, earning almost $80,000 a year. Property values are also among the highest
in the state. Incidences of crime are low in relation to
the rate in the state. When you throw in outstanding schools into
the whole equation, it is easy to see why families in particular flock to this beautiful
town that lies just south of Munster. 9. Columbus. Over in Bartholomew County sits one of the
best towns to live in Indiana. Columbus is a big town of close to 46,000
people who enjoy fairly high incomes averaging $57,000. The high-paying jobs can be attributed to
the presence of several big-name employers who include, among others, the manufacturing
arm of Toyota, as well as Cummins Diesel. Residents and the many visitors who come to
the area enjoy a diverse range of outdoor activities that include golf, cycling, hiking
and canoeing. Columbus also boasts plenty of antique stores,
specialty shops and major retailers in the vicinity, making it a darling for the shoppers
at heart. As well, it is not short of amazing places
to whet your appetite, with the Bistro 310 one of the local favourites. 10. Indianapolis. Home to one of the world’s largest children’s
museums, as well as professional and college sports teams and miles of recreational trails,
Indianapolis has plenty to keep locals entertained. Indianapolis’ lively downtown is easily walkable. With so many things to do, Indianapolis allows
its residents to experience big-city living without too much effort. The Indianapolis Cultural Trail connects neighborhoods
and cultural districts, and offers access to multiple entertainment venues, public art,
restaurants and shops along the way. The home prices in Indianapolis are reflective
of the state’s low cost of living; so low you will be hard pressed to find many cities
of this size with home values which average $120,000. While the weather in the fall lends itself
to outdoor activity, the winter months can be brutal.

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  1. Yeah right I'm from Indianapolis that's a lie. when new people coming into cost of living has skyrocketed.😕

  2. WARNING: Fart Wayne STINKS! smells like sewage most of the time. Also way too many sex offenders and child molesters in and around the city. Keep close eyes on your kids.

  3. I think indianapolis is a great place to live becuase i live here sence i was born the best place is the downtown and they have some great elementary schools.

  4. Wtf is a 'hooser' its pronounced and spelled 'hoosier', I mean, I kinda live in Indiana so I should know
    Please do good research next time, and ask people who have lived in those places, so you understand how to pronounce things and know what is actually a good place to live

  5. Yo! I live in Indianapolis! It’s so damn boring! How is it number ten? There is nothing to do here!

  6. thumbs down for odd dialogue. Did a machine write this? Did a machine read it? Was it Google translate with a bad internet connection?

  7. Lady you can’t even pronounce the names right. How are you gonna try to make a video about the state if you can’t even say it right?

  8. What they dont mention is Indianapolis is the 3rd most dangerous city to live in in the country and indiana as a whole is the meth capital of the world. Also if your not making 6 digits a year you cant live in half these cities.

  9. Nails scraping a chalk board to have to listen to her butcher Hoosier pronunciations! Yikes! At least she did okay on some of them, but I hope they didn't pay her very much. Oh wait, of course not. This is obviously a government propaganda video!!!

  10. I grew up in Terre Haute.  I wonder why it didn't make the list. ha! ha!  surprised Bloomington didn't make the list nor Nashville.  Indiana really does have a great state parks system.  The one good thing I can say about Terre Haute is that the parks in the city are excellent.

  11. The state has crappie roads and the people have a hair across their ass at the toll booths very angry people would never go back 🖕🏻

  12. I went through your videos and I didn't see one for Kentucky. 🙂 I really liked this one on Indiana, but I'm a resident of Kentucky and would like to see what you say about it. I'm originally from Alabama so I will watch it in the meantime. lol

  13. Most affordable my ass. houses in all those suburbs of Indy are easyily $250k+. Don't let this shit fool you I got friends that live in Fishers and Carmel and their homes are north of $250k. Want affordable living come up north but you'll have the Amish and meth heads lmfao

  14. Oh it's so horrible….if only we could go party with them boys n da hood in Chicago.. but we better hurry cuz at the rate people are leaving even they might leave.

  15. Why not Santa Claus Indiana? I mean, that's where Holiday World is, and it's literally where Abraham Lincoln grew up and where his mother and sister are buried. It's where my on grew up and where my grandma lives and it's really peaceful and quiet, but it is more of a secluded area

  16. I have to say all the cities she talks about are expensive but I live in small town Pendleton directly under Anderson.

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  18. I'm from Indiana and these city pronunciations are very un Hoosier. Carmel and West Lafayette are the worst pronunciation for Hoosier cities.

  19. I think it’s pretty shitty that most of town are around Indianapolis…. I live in Indiana and I would never live around Indianapolis, not even within 50 or 60 miles!!! I just wish the narrator could pronounce this shit right… I’m kind of scared because I live here and don’t know what town she’s talking about!!!

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