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life force good to meet ya what is this the world's fastest shirt it's yeah it's the world's fastest shed I've got the Guinness world record and also it's registered on it v5 is faster shed so so is there other sheds that people have done I think I have people people have done them at China used to have one not sure if his was road-legal or not at the moment this is the only fully approved road leading one in the world what is the original car I mean do you even call it cause the body shell is what it is it's based around a four motion force a b54 motion Sat 1999 I bought the car originally for the front end for I got ds1 I had a little accident in so I bought it for the front name so they then sell my drive and I wanted to build something but I was on a very tight budget so eventually I came up with the idea of building a shed around it as you do Kevin what on earth inspired you to want to make a driving shirt well I didn't have a front end and in the back my back garden I've got big shed light bill but the materials I had left I built like a lean-to would stall with the door on it okay and I stood back and I looked I thought on it yeah and I wanted to do something different as well it's easy to do everything the same as everybody else underneath this sleek wooden exterior is quite a complex steel framework so the whole thing is incredibly strong so what kind of weight you're looking is it is it every like yeah it's tunic or tonnes yeah it's uh but its aerodynamic so you're a huge issue with aerodynamics when you use using any or any vehicle it starts having an effect at about 45 to 50 miles an hour and then the faster you go the worse it gets so you're holding some records with this is warrant you yeah was it a Guinness Book of Records yeah I hold the Guinness World Record fastest I've I have ever been in it is a hundred and twelve point six eight miles an hour does it get to speed and then carnate a brick wall almost yeah once you get up around the sort of ninety yeah and that's just arrow I have done some work to try and reduce it I need to do a little bit more engine was what's going on engine it so obviously engine what's going on with the engine originally it was a 2.8 v6 I'd never built it to race it but the first big event I went to there was a drag strip that's how it all started I went and bought a b7 rs4 was which got a bit of a checkered past but it was all aboveboard I had all the paperwork it was all official then I I did some work on the engine stage to the engine so I'm up around 450 brain now I know em I see right out so MRC tune in yeah brilliant company and Doug there really knows his stuff but yeah putting this v8 in it apparently I'm the first person in the world to put b7 rs4 running gear into a b-52 sound so what's it been like with this latest internet so reliable oh yeah with this engine it's been absolutely brilliant I've done probably two and a half thousand miles in it now the engine really suits it because v8s just deliver the power differently it's so flexible I can go down to 20 miles an hour and six-year or I can do 17 second and I can pull away in seconds so you know I've got all the flexibility and well what power I just keep it in the redline what's going on with suspension and wheels suspension I built a hydraulic system or you buy a kit from Raven hydraulics but on each corner always gets hydraulic ram and you have to make your suspension from that I've got it all on remote control all right forward drivers oh yeah it's gold Quattro running gear every cent should have and you know what about wolves and tires and also brakes yeah just to be prudent on the wheels and tires I'm running on t4 van wheels with commercial tires because the whole structure of the tire is a lot stronger up there behind me that's all that's to do with aerodynamics us to try and put a little bit of air in behind where I've got a huge vacuum that pulls along but it works but it's just a gesture for the amount of air it needs and then what about interior oh you've got these custom doors you got to make yeah yeah the doors as I was building it I didn't want door handles on him so I actually made my own solenoid door locks which were Jaguar boot locks but I made everything I've got electric windows in it as well which came from the Passat I just modified it all you know worked with all the bits I got and when I put the v8 engine in people said I had to use the B seven o'clock I haven't I've used to be five and you'll say everything works in there so Kevin should we go hit the road yes go see what you can do yeah you're gonna love this yeah it isn't what you think it's gonna be well it looks quick yeah but it's not that it's you you wait till you get inside it okay let's do [Applause] do this Kevin what the sound quality like do not be confused this is a very fast jet as Kevin will demonstrate Anakin full of a standing start off with Aras form to Herbie it's not what you think it's gonna be is it you look at the outside you think it's gonna rattle and shake so you all can myself in here as well yeah I've got cameras all around for Bishop one on the back one on each side – cam this is a very calm I've got an s-class Mercedes and this is more comfortable on long journey the – parcel saying b7 part of the buildings perhaps you know several mothers still initially built there so as it cost me along no not really to get the rs4 engine I bought a whole car broke the car then he was free [Applause] audience work for mlc Chu a work he did for me policies a complete last jokes just engine problems the pipes groan everything resolved but the end or changed everything by which I got their suits and so much metal yeah drag race you know I don't know I don't do that of no intentions to summon it somebody wanted to silently places on me gentlemen it's the aisle amount he makes engineers nothing the laughs another 80,000 oils in it now it's just such brilliant ancient yeah on the road so trophy point sensibly of a race events most weekend straight line racing although I have got a few lapses it was there it's reasonable when you got physics who comes in the physics is from the question of the track and hydraulic suspension is serving it's not sports you seen any now I just run us ever talked many notes I haven't adjusted the calls sixteen 14:46 seconds powerful uh Kenny what is it and anytime is about yeah I'm joyful defensively so driving bitch Levin 60 or the spice on the inside you can't roll under cover the whole file stop and you'd think you put those in a way I suppose does it like a number of cats and what they don't have to because it's on a key registration when it comes to the MOT the mo T's have done as a great 1975 visual check only because it was registered in 2016 or to drive in the city of London without any admission stuff but I wanted its M noise so I left the resume is in a lot of stuff I sang just hollow raspy popping and banging doing it because everybody else is doing it but you know you're ready and it just sounds nice as they hit snow have you still got the support wild woods game would be no I thought I don't need it you know why are you mister they have to drive to an event perhaps that's 200 miles away to a hundred mile an hour in it I Drive her home and do the same again the next week social media its fastest yet Instagram Facebook I didn't want to of this but those are the two main words yeah yeah I will look um I've seen my content I look back see what I've done you can see my whole journey on that so guys as always I hope you enjoyed it if you did please hit the thumbs up consider subscribe and if you're new and I'll see you soon thank you for watching bye

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36 thoughts on “THE 450BHP 4.2L V8 *GARDEN SHED*

  1. Ricky got 10th on trending and i bet it will go up… 🍾🥂 well done bro congrats! Another banger of a video 👍

  2. I heard a funny noise in my shed, so I called the police.

    “Hello”, I said, “I think someone is in my shed stealing stuff".

    “Do you have anything valuable in the shed”, the dispatcher asked.

    “Well, just my tools, the kid's bike and the lawn mower.” I said.

    “Sorry”, she said, “we’ve got no one available at the moment. Someone will be with you in the morning” and hung up.

    Five minutes later I called back. “Hello, I phoned earlier about someone in my shed. No need to worry about it anymore though, I’ve just shot him”.

    Within 10 minutes the area was crawling with cops, helicopters, and K-9 dog handlers. After catching the crook, the Sergeant came up to me and said, “Hey, you told us you shot the intruder, but he’s alive and well.”

    “Yeah? And you told me you had no one available.”

  3. The best build in history gr8……..

    Tommy Robinson The sanest man in ENGLAND is now officially THERE.. In Belmarsh The Prison For Murderers. Pedos. Mentally Insane etc etc.. But The People Complicit in putting Him There WILL BE PUT BEHIND BARS THEMSELVES WHEN THE SLEEPERS FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE…. NO Surrender Nowhere to HIDE….. bob anderson utube and telgram

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