The Danger of Discussing Female Nature

The Danger of Discussing Female Nature

I peace peace peace peace peace peace peace peace and prosperity to the family as you guys know my mantra is I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me and increasing quantities through multiple sources on a continuous basis I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me in enormous quantities through multiple sources on a continuous basis I say that hundreds of times a day I say it on my head I say it out loud I don't care where I am I say that you know I put that energy out there always what you give out you will receive back that is a fact you reap what you sow you know it's the law of order and everything in life you know if you plant apple seed you're gonna get an apple tree so if you plant seeds of wealth even with your mind and your voice that will return to you in some form of fashion the quantities of it depend on you and your vibrations but it will return to you you know different quantities for different people depending on the quality of your your vibe your vibrations but anyway guys so what am I do today is I'm gonna jump into the topic I told you guys I would show you my new home that I've been staying in for the past month so what I'm going to do is I'm gonna drop the content so I'll give you guys high quality content and then after this video I'm going to drop attached to this video a tour of my home I probably tell a story for my life recently on there as well so after the audio portion the video will begin on the same video so make sure you guys catch the end if you're interested in that I'm gonna jump into the topic now and then I'm gonna end with an email that I received and that's gonna be the topic for today so the topic for the today is stop talking about female nature and this is something that I've realized is a huge problem there's a lot of men on the internet that are complaining about women complaining about women and just bitching and moaning and crying and complaining about women when that's the most beta male thing that you can do you know a lot of men out here aren't alpha males right most men are not alpha males they're victims of heartbreak they're bitter victims of heartbreak excuse me hold on sir all right so most men aren't alpha males they're bit of a bitter victims of heartbreak these men is bitter and they think they're alpha because they're angry they think they're alpha because they're disgruntled they think that alpha because they've vowed to never take female shit again but what happens to men like that is they naturally draw to themselves a woman who they think is not like the other woman that they talk about and because this woman knows how to bypass their boundaries and slip in and and and and tie herself to this man's heart he repeats the process and gets heartbroken again I know very few people that have only been heartbroken one time all right because that bitterness repeats the same action when you're bitter and you admit that energy of bitterness you're going to attract another situation to further that bitterness the energy you put out there is the energy going to get back like I said in the beginning so whatever if you put out bitter energy you will attract to yourself a situation to recreate bitterness it doesn't change until you change so I haven't I just have an issue with guys whining complaining about female nature why don't we ever talk about male nature right what is male nature male nature is to dominate no nature is to control male nature is to lead the only aspect of female nature we need to talk about this female nature is to submit female nature is to submit to the highest level of authority in front of them and if a woman's not submitting to you then you just have an elevated yourself to the highest level of authority possible I see a lot of men that want women to submit to them when men haven't learned how to control themselves like there's a lot of men lacking discipline and self-control they're lacking emotional control they're lacking leadership ability but yet they still want somebody to submit to them the only reason female nature has gotten out of control is because we have fell from our nature a woman can only take power if she's giving power given power unless you give a woman power as a man she holds no power so the only power they have is the power that we have given them and allows them to have they have no power outside of that so females shouldn't be the bulk of our issue right we got to make tile movements and these movements complaining about women am i saying they all do that but I see I've seen a lot of them do it right the only it is men that are responsible for the condition of women today because they are following leadership if the government has elevated itself to a position of leadership that is that much more sophisticated and beneficial than the modern man and that's what the woman are gonna follow so if we want to talk about their nature let's talk about that aspect of their nature that they are born and bred followers and they are going to follow whatever is the strongest point of leadership in front of them and yet the government is a huge powerful entity and they you know possess resources that we could never possess but whose fault is that it isn't the womb the woman's fault necessarily it's the man's fault for not establishing the system that he wants the issue with alpha males that are that I come across the most is that we don't care because as an alpha male you're gonna get yours regardless right I don't like I remember guys used to say growing up they used to say young we be going to a party but now well I wishing I don't want to go to that party would be like why you don't wanna go to that party and they say oh because I heard the ratio of men to women there is like three or four to one and I would always say I don't care if there's one woman in the whole club that's enough for me I'm never gonna allow circumstances to determine my outcome I'm gonna make do what I would I want regardless I'm always gonna excuse me I'm always gonna get what I want out of any situation that I enter myself in so I never look at ratio and Satan my odds are slim am I going to make it happen if the odds were one to one maybe I only need three percent maybe I only need three thirty percent of my game and if the odds of five to one sixty one and I just mean the one hundred percent of my game but that's what I'm coming with I'm not gonna use the ratio as an excuse you understand so that that that that needs to change and that needs to stop as men right I always say the men are the leaders as men we are the leaders right so I never really talked to women I don't make a lot of videos to women I don't care to explain nothing to them early because I know when we correct ourselves they're going to follow a woman will not correct herself until a man corrects himself period because they're following you which is why they know this subconsciously right they know that there's they subject themselves to us subconsciously which is why whenever you make a complaint a complaint the women their first response from reaction is yeah but what about men yeah yeah but what about men right they're following the lead that you set that's their immature childish mentality that they're unable to deal with criticism or critique unless they're attributing it to the person that's ahead of them first we are the parents it's like when you growing up and if you know if you a teenager growing up and you see your parents drinking a lot and then you you try to drink and you know your parents say hey I don't want you drinking and you say yeah but you drank all right that's an immature mentality the mature mentality is why don't you want me to drink mom and dad no I don't want you to drink because it's bad for your liver and you're young and it's against the law and you know if you're irresponsible with alcoholic Lito some things you don't need in your life okay mom and dad you know I now understand that I understand that you guys may be subjected to or you guys may have developed a habit that you're incapable of breaking right now but you guys don't want me to develop that same habit so even though you do it I'm not going to do it how many teenagers say that very few right because that you if any right because as a teenager they're still in the childish immature mentality of were they looking and saying well if you do it then I could do it well that's women in a nutshell and and we need to stop trying to change and reinvent the wheel and just understand what it is you're not gonna change that what we have to do is understand that and deal with that according to our understanding this is one of the reasons why I'm very people I don't want to say I'm harsh but I'm very strict and Stern when it comes to women because I understand their nature understand that they will take over if they if they see an opportunity to take over they'll take it so I never present those opportunities and if I happen to present that opportunity and a woman takes over I don't blame her I'm not mad at her I'm mad at me for slipping I can never be mad at somebody for falling victim to who they are it will be like if you know I walked into a lion's cage you know what a meat suit on you know or let's just say I have a baby right and have a baby and my baby crawls into a lion's cage and the lion eats my baby all right I don't get angry at all lions I don't wake up the next morning and say man F Lions Lions evil Minds Abed the nature there's something wrong with the nature of lions we have to understand that lions are like this and I don't do that I understand the nature of a lying and I respected and because I understand the Lions nature and I respect that Lions nature I keep my child out of that cage and if I allow my child to go into that cage that is not the lion's responsibility that is my responsibility this is my child it ain't it ain't the Lions gonna do what the lion does no matter what I do it's not up to me to be angry at the lion or be angry at all lions because they're lying so let's not be angry at all women because they're women don't give them your baby never allow your baby to go into a woman's cage never give them your heart because you know what they'll do with it they'll eat it and they'll devour and if you slip up and happen to do that don't be angry at her you gave her a full meal she was hungry and she ate it it's up to us as the men's who lead and take responsibility the king gets crucified not the kingdom and I know you guys don't like this because it's involved taking responsibility right but it's the king that takes responsibility when when Barack Obama was president or Donald Trump or whoever is the president they can't get up on the microphone and say yeah it's the it's the American people that are bad the reason why the country is in the condition that it is end is because the American people are like this and the American people are like that they don't get to do that you know they don't get to do that they take the responsibility in Shore Barack Obama inherited a terrible situation from George Bush but he can't say well George Bush's fault the reason why things is must he accepted the job if he didn't even if it would leave the job he accepted was impossible to complete he still accepted it and the moment you accept the job you are accepting the brunt of the blame you're accepting that the the the responsibility for the job it's your fault now if you didn't want this responsibility you should have never got involved if you didn't want the responsibility of dealing with a heartbreak are you being responsible for the reason why they you know you're sad or you're a girl left for misuse you then you shouldn't have got involved and ignorance is not an excuse you can't commit a murder and say oh I didn't know murders was illegal and you get off ignorance of the law is never an excuse so ignorant of your own nature and ignorance for taking responsibility for your own nature and the nature of those around you is not an excuse right if you don't know that lions eat people that's not that's not the Lions fault so that's that's the primary message that I want to get out there man let's stop talking about female nature so much just I can understand giving the breakdown but the only thing you need to know about female nature in essence it is female nature is to submit and male nature is to dominate to set laws and regulations and to control and to regulate all right the men of today are not the men that men used to be you know the Bible says this is even in the Bible in Genesis I know the exact verse but it's you know look you can look up the scripture verbatim on Google the Bible says your desire shall be to control your husband but he shall rule over you so the issue that men are having really is that they're allowing a woman's the only reading half that scripture your desire shall be to control your husband and they're stopping right there like their life is that they're leaving out the portion that says and but he shall rule over you right they're leaving out that portion where you have to bring that into and into the equation yes her desire is going to be to control you to dominate you to manipulate you but you have to fulfill the other half of that scripture you have to rule over and if she is unwilling to be ruled then you just remove her from the garden but when yeah when you're willing to walk less she comply they always comply you know they only don't comply when you see some value in them that you don't see in yourself and so you're cleaving and clinging on to them afraid for them to walk away that's the only time and that's that's the issue right you want to put a woman on a pedestal but and get mad when she treats you like she's like you're less than her understand that men are superior men are on top they are beneath and never allow them to forget that it's not about you know it's not about being constantly but if they get out of line they may need to be reminded it's not something to beat them over the head with I'm very loving and very Khan of every sweet and very affectionate with every woman that comes around me and into my life but when lines need to be drawn they will be drawn I draw lines from the very beginning but when lines need to be reinforced they will be sternly reinforced and you will be reminded of Who I am and who you are let's not get out of control you know and if she doesn't want to accept that which I haven't experienced and I just can't remember the last time I experienced that but then she can go but I will never compromise my position of ruling and leadership I would never compromise that position it's either I'm king or you go a period no excuses no exceptions that's that's not even option it's not even a conversation that we had I'm King period we don't talk about that I'll let you know I make it make you aware and this is how we move and operate period so last but not least I just want to say man that female nature has only become a problem because men have fell out felon all out of alignment with our own nature right as a man if you are afraid to approach a woman you're part of the problem because that means you put one woman on a pedestal that means that you have a fear of them that means that you are refusing to be your damn in itself and respond to your masculine desires because right now in society what we have is women are telling men how we're supposed to behave and men are allowing this men are accepting this it is the men that are accepting this I'm not mad at the woman for trying to control male behavior I'm mad at the men for accepting this shit we got all these radio personalities telling men how they're supposed to behave that is a huge problem and you see men censoring themselves all around the world through on all forms of media because women are telling them how they ought to behave and largely that's because they don't want to lose advertisement and sponsorship dollars but the sponsorships are following the women too it's the male personalities that are really making the world go around and I look at the media personalities who are the most dominant media personalities nine times out of ten is going to be a man so if the men said you know what fuck that you know if y'all want to sponsor us then I'm still gonna be hot because we're the rid of hot personalities you know I mean we still gonna be dominant to Howard Stern to Charlemagne to gods you know we're still gonna be dominant even the Joe Budden podcasts really popular now they're censoring themselves – they weren't before but we're still gonna be dominant because we're a powerhouse people still follow as men still rock with us you know if y'all want to sponsor us and go sponsor some weak shit that ain't nobody gonna watch and you're gonna make no money back if the men just all stood up they would have to sponsor the male shit the same reason why they sponsoring the female LGBTQ stuff is because they fought and stood up and demanded that money be put behind them the alpha males have to do the same thing we have to rise and stand up and demand money be put behind us it's as simple as that it's our responsibility nobody else's it's our burden to carry nobody else's okay now if we don't stand up and take responsibility now be it you know as alpha males our biggest issue is that we hope we're gonna get ours regardless and because we're going to get ours regardless we don't care to help the lesser of us make sure they get theirs or we don't care to enforce laws to help us all as a collective because we don't care what the condition of society is I mean even me personally I'm always gonna have money I don't care about no recession I don't care about no depression I'm always going to have money period money is my right I'm always gonna find a way to get money I'm always gonna live a high-quality life so the issue becomes because I know I'll always get money I don't really care about the condition of in or the economic state of a country because I'm gonna find a way to get mines regardless but that's wrong because not everyone is it has the ability that I have you know so the same thing with men because we know we're gonna get women regardless that we're gonna be a woman to submit to us regardless we don't really care about the mind the state of women globally that are young children and young boys and girls are growing up in but it's time for us to start you know paying attention to that and giving some attention today so I said I was gonna read an email on this particular podcast but I think I'm going to save that for a live stream because I do want to show you guys my place now at the end of this video so I'm probably gonna save that for I've stream so I don't have to make this video too long you know who you are told you I read your email on my next podcast but what I'll probably do is do a separate second video very soon my man I came you know what you are what's up my brother and Trinidad so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna I'll do a second video and upload that and maybe add a it to him but I want to I want to show you guys the place I'm gonna take you guys all over the world I'm actually moving out of here today to a better home that's closer to the main area as well but that's the little motorbike I've been riding you know I see the front entrance area you walking through this gate once upon a time there was fish living in his paw in here there's a pond a Sirhan's dong used to have fish in it but I guess to fish a lot more you know actually seen a giant lizard like about four foot long a lot of beautiful art in architecture here I'd like to show you guys as much as I can Hindu art is hinting the entire home is filled with hand or right as you know always got some paper lined up always got some paper lined up this is the Swan pool area this one who actually goes underneath this breakfast almost every morning and get a little sunlight with my laptop this is the three hour class if you don't have that three hour class go to my website Eddy fuse dot-com / to be our class and signed up now the last class was titled the power of polygyny for the alpha male every alpha male she get that class this is the kitchen area dishes aren't done don't mind that the maid is coming in about an hour to clean up the entire home I pay attention to the art art is so good you know I said they all a deal his horses a lot of homes here deplane but they smell this home you know it's the first about second bathroom there's a bathroom on the first floor I've skipped over it right next to the kitchen got a bath up here big enough to fit two people if you ever want to take a bubble bath with a bath you put it right there okay first bedroom view from the first bed it's mostly wooden bless for sheetrock and glass the second bedroom was right across this is identical to the first one but it's just reversed take you guys three or four damn I wrap it up oh okay this is my bedroom this is where I sleep at you know got a bathtub inside the bedroom right there there's another there's a bathroom over there as well I'm sorry more Hindu art still walk-in closet area analysts this is the biggest selling client this is the balcony from the bedroom the entire upper floors made of glass is glass over the entire thing sunrise actually rises right there every morning Sun rises through the window this is the view from the balcony I normally sit up here and just chill and this chair right here there's no way guys that's it peace and prosperity make sure you guys imani eddie fuse at and a book of consultation if you want to get my products go to eddie fuse edit now go to eddie fuse comm slash shop i'm gonna pick up all my products on that and that's it peace and prosperity much love

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45 thoughts on “The Danger of Discussing Female Nature

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  2. Men have forgotten we have the power we are the leaders if we build the house they will come I am a single father I took the power women love me

  3. You don't blame women because you KNOW you're a meat covered snack and she's a lion.
    LOTS of mgtow who are complaining have been seeing those lions as lambs.
    They've been told those lions were lambs from day one.
    They've had it put into them that you should hug and and woo and bare their necks to those "lambs".

    So you're looking at mgtow's reaction from someone who knows a lion is a lion.

    Ignorance is not an excuse.
    But when you've been told something that is false time and time and time again. When you've been fed the lie all your life. When you're in a generation where the bible is "wrong" and feminism is "right", The truth makes you angry.

    You understand women. Do you understand men who have only just seen the truth from a world, a lifetime of lies?

  4. Ultimate bachelor pad…props on the vid that’s some real sh!t. I 100% agree we as men need to take full responsibility and accountability for the behavior of the women we invite into our lives. I say all the time a woman be culpable for a negative behavior but as the man you must accept it as your fault.

  5. Looks at these beta males discussing female nature. They're weak, just look at them

  6. Peace Young Soldier!

    You have some excellent content on your channel Sir. But I would highly recommend that you invest into a BETTER MICROPHONE!

    …..but irrespective of that, please keep the Good-Game coming!

  7. There's no point in complaining about female nature because no amount of complaint will ever change it. It is what it is and it's not going to change. Men just need to study it, and abnormal psychology, in order to navigate women.

  8. Correct me if I’m wrong but genesis the 3rd 16 verse says “and thy desire shall be to thy husband,and he shall rule over thee” I didn’t see where it said she desired to rule over him I missing something?

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