The Edible Forest in Peru

The Edible Forest in Peru

Our project proposes a regenerative approach to agriculture and modern food production using vegan permaculture. The idea is to reforest after functioning ecosystems and create a forest or garden that is full of native species, returns habitat to wildlife and provides us with a variety of healthy plant foods. In vegan permaculture the idea is to create self-sustainable ecosystems that are the complete opposite of carbon intensive farming methods used nowadays, which rely heavily on monoculture crops. Our whole food production will follow the Cradle-to-Cradle concept by Michael Braungart and William McDonough. This means that we want to build a circular economy in which all materials used, no matter what for, are either 100% re-usable or 100% bio-degradable. We already started our production but on a very small scale. Some of the raw materials are hard to get and also very expensive, although they grow here. Our concept includes the plantation of the crops we need. This enables us to lower the prices of the final products, which means that persons from every social status can afford them so they do not contribute to the unnecessary suffering of sentient beings or the degradation of our ecosystems. We would love to share our concepts and ideas with the world, that is why we upload all our methods and recipes to our homepage and in the future we plan on working with volunteers to whom we will teach the methods of vegan permaculture and also plant-based nutrition and food production and they will contribute with their work. Our remaining raw materials will be sold at local markets or used as compost, which means that no waste is produced. The profits we get will be used to expand The Edible Forest and into schooling local farmers in this concept. It so happens that we have 30 hectares of farm land in the Amazon region of Peru. This will be ground zero for Our Edible Forest concept. With our project we want to give small local farmers the opportunity to become independent from global markets, at the same time produce an environmental friendly, regenerative method for food production. We want to initiate a movement that originates in one of the most important ecosystems of our planet: the Amazon. We have the concept, the motivation and also the land to realize our project. But we need help! With your contributions we can: reforest degraded farm land, produce healthy plant-based foods and host our workers and volunteers. With your help we can achieve self-sufficiency and create An Edible Forest!

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4 thoughts on “The Edible Forest in Peru

  1. @nywuctuk2 which contacts do you mean? We shared the video with everyone we know. Btw somehow your comment does not appear here but I see it in my notifications.

  2. This is awesome! Veganic permaculture is the way of the future and is something we can do small scale in our own backyards as well.

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