The Forest Garden Solution

The Forest Garden Solution

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gimmick the person you know well do money and buy me benefi and when I asked him why his occupation wasn't listed as farmer instead of fishermen he simply replied there's only death and farming and when you look behind me here at the conditions of the land you get it you get why these young men are running away from the land where nothing grows anymore do you mean once a turn for every Dominic on Baker getting keen or Tamara and talk see Kat Mohammed on to do she's got imply seen a tire up ray seemed to me more than me we got model watch I'll be the was if there was a gotta be like a levy Julie would allocate Amukamara City gear I'll do a question Diamond gotta be here by get it back and I'm gonna be hit by a cannon once the forests and the trees are wiped out the soil erodes and they're no more forests to slash at some point the land loses its ability to heal itself dock system window and I'm a baboso new curry soon onion dinner soon in Becky do you any sooner like never done a 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high tech low tech and no tech ideas in agroforestry and we created a model a model that can help any farming family to optimize any piece of land and create a forest garden after training and equipping farmers with the seeds and the tools they needed they spend their first year in the program learning to protect their fields planting staggered rows of thorny and fruit producing trees that form these green walls that keep the animals out while fixing nitrogen into the soil with leaf litter that falls on top once the green wall is established farmers learn to diversify their fields guided by two main questions what do you need and what can you sell most families need wood to cook food for the family forage for the animals fertilizer for the soil and in every country there's a combination of fruits nuts berries and other tree crops it might be avocados in Tanzania but cashews in Senegal all giving families something to sell harvest trade eat every month of the year in the last year the program we trained farmers to optimize the space-time Sun and water we want them to fill in all the gaps of their forest garden maximizing the use of their real estate we train them in the skills to prove and manage the amount of Sun and shade on their land and we train them in water conservation techniques so that when it does rain we capture that water in the soil and the soil becomes healthier than groundwater is recharged instead of pushing conventional agriculture where farmers put all of their eggs in one basket our farmers are proving that trees are a pathway out of poverty to empower women to educate children and to survive in a changing climate ma'am get some more Medina the Falcon as capacity has mass it would open your hey Ginga but none of them is driven by dramafever and i were to cut again very shy to let them know one thing ID or just a little penny on geyser can you type over here to many families across the developing world are relying on monocultural crops just planting one crop a year to survive the risk is incredibly high with market prices with the potential for pests with the potential for drought there's so many things acting against them for that one payday for that one crop each year with the forest garden families have a diverse number of crops to harvest each year not just food crops not just vegetables they have timber they have sustainable sources of fuel would they have animal fodder to feed their livestock they have fruit trees nut trees below the tree crops they're growing vines and shrubs using a variety of integrated pest management practices and companion planting and symbiotic relationships to deter pests to attract pests predators to ensure that you're getting the highest level of productivity through a diverse array of crops while not having to rely on expensive commercial inputs like fertilizers and pesticides today new jungle or I'm gonna phone you down with an atlatl bye-bye Michelle like by mr. 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quantify how much access people have to do we found that before farmers start their forest garden 83% of them are severely food insecure this means that they're concerned about getting access to food regularly they're going to bed hungry and the majority of them have recently gone 24 hours without eating anything the good news is we're seeing the forest gardens work after one year in our program we see severe food insecurity drop from eighty-three percent to 14 percent people are harvesting more diverse foods twelve months out of the year and getting more pages allowing them to buy food when they need it without kappa daemonic in an alien war again after nizami so freaky angry get me to the two teeny to focus on forty well as a delicacy do you determine some of it i mean i found it i mean there one-third of the world's people are trapped in poverty because of water scarcity access to water for households and fill crops is currently the most critical issue facing many rural farmers across sub-saharan Africa the lack of funds to build wells pumps and irrigation systems combined with drying ground water tables and massive shifts and regional rainfall patterns has made exceptionally difficult for smallholder farmers to sustain their way of life the days of going without meals or just one meal per day for farming families has increased families are not able to generate a reliable income and their fields become desert-like and soils die the trees for the future forest garden approach has been designed to a directly address these very issues faced by millions trees profoundly change the very nature of a landscape tree roots pull water from deep underground as well as help to recharge groundwater tables it's been found that moderate tree cover on a landscape as is the case on our forest gardens can actually maximize groundwater recharge trees also provide shade that keep water from evaporating from soil quickly keeping topsoil cool and moist a row of trees used as a windbreak can also keep the soil from drying out the decomposition of leaves and small branches that fall from trees create a rich organic soil that provides nutrients and holds water well go I am fi the Kenyan activist who was the first African woman to win a Nobel Peace Prize said until you dig a hole you plant a tree you water it and make it survive you have not done a thing you're just talking both I empowered thousands of women across Africa teaching them to plant trees helping them to understand that they could be agents of change in their own communities a trees for the future we understand that to ensure the success of forest gardens and to sustain its benefits for each farming family it's critical to work with women at all phases of the project as a role 30% of the participants in our project must be women and in many of our projects women make up more than 50% of our farmers our forest guard approach is creating thousands of women Master Gardeners across Africa who will now be able to become the regardeth eyes of their own communities the random salary Julie say I am Bob no delay a night under leg enough from Danube in Kumasi 12 la unión XE gotta be silly alligator and I default near 82 Alberta and 11 to 12 in a circle and circle nearly across or you know so isolated 12 Arahama solo piranhas they up against what are them legs in a good clear of any one of the hallmarks of the forest garden is environmental sustainability first thing that dust really a great culture is the leading contributor to climate change the good news is that forest guard is allow farmers to grow food without the need for chemical fertilizers pesticides or herbicides less of these harmful inputs and more trees means less carbon in the atmosphere so forest gardens are proving to mitigate climate change as they sequester close to 63 metric tons of carbon over a 20 year period one of the things a lot most about working at trees in the future is how connected we are to our beneficiaries after going to the field and visiting with farmers the data and the numbers really come to life this inspires us to continually improve our monitoring and evaluation systems in our programming so we can bring all of our farmers to full food security that's why it's vital for our donors to support us so together we can continue to extend this data-driven solution into poverty for us every mom million de Santa Ana presume a good beginning anew new beginning new algo follow all that system be whom they knew buddy in Coburg come on open a need then I jog in full story no I've ma Tom Murphy said got abuse all on Moodle a goofy them conga one got a common journey four feet of hello honey Marina I'm not getting then I let him believe in bucegi about saying about what we can get what we never Adele in the gimbal Wow Morag arabic new quarrel with you broken leg a convenient again them from to date we've already graduated 690 families and in the next two years we're going to graduate two thousand nine hundred and twenty one more and though reaching our strategic goal of a million farmers sounds like going to the moon at an average of about mean people per household we just need to reach one hundred and fifteen thousand more families to reach our goal and when we do that will be a million people who no longer need food aid a million people who can find fulfillment in a local livelihood rather than risking their life as a refugee a million people whose lives are changed the moment you decide to partner with us there's a lot more to tree planting than just planting trees there's the power to change the world you

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29 thoughts on “The Forest Garden Solution

  1. This was just beautiful. I didn't even want the video to end. Keep going, your work is so important in so many ways. 🌍💚

  2. Montagnard indigenous territory destroyed by Vietnamese , the vN government cut down all the jungle plants such coffee and rubber plantations the whole region not by regular farm . Montagnard indigenous we have bean farm for century we clear small forest just for farm after two or three years we move other places we let the old farm become forest again after 7 years we come back , we didn’t tore down the trees roots like Vietnamese do by machines they wipe out anything what god created.

  3. pls correct me if im wrong, but didn't the senegalese survive just fine before the French fucked up their culture?

  4. Use Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees.
    And Check out Tab For a Cause.
    : )


  5. What's missing is the land tenure and ownership arrangements. How do the tree farmers get the land? Do they have ownership or security of tenure? Or are they paying rent to land owners?

  6. great work both on storytelling and video!! I am working in the development sector in Senegal and this video is really inspiring!!

  7. Let us Pray, Heavenly Father we ask in your Name, Bless the Land of AFRICA With Abundance and Care, Return too Her The Beauty and Majesty that She once knew. Amen

  8. This is a great video. I have so much respect for organizations who don't just "give a man a fish," but "teach a man to fish." Giving people the tools to liberate themselves from poverty and need while also benefiting the local ecosystem, and the planet as a whole, is the best kind of charity.

  9. Great work!! we need help in tree plantation in Madhesh, Nepal. yearly flood has ruined the local lives for decades.

  10. Make #everyday a day of #kindness. #choosekind

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  11. I’m going to make a video on my channel tomorrow, to raise awareness about How trees combat poverty! I’m excited to watch this. Thank you for your work.

  12. Эти придурки ежегодно свою землю сжигают, а потом удивляются, чего это на ней ничего не растёт… А в это время тот углекислый газ, который они производят, долетает до сибирской или канадской тайги, которая углекислым газом питается, и тайга подрастает ещё чуть-чуть… Это надо до такого додуматься, систематически уничтожать свою почву, чтобы она стала плодороднее где-нибудь в другом месте за десять тысяч километров к северу, в чужой стране.

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    Кого-то это мне напоминает…

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